CADENSHAE – Casual Breastfeeding Hoodie Slate

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The Casual Hoodie Slate is slate/dark gray colour, making it perfect for all occasions.


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The Cadenshae Casual Breastfeeding Hoodie Slate is a slate/dark gray colour, making it perfect for all occasions.  It is a lighter hoodie so it can be worn all year round when you want a little more warmth while breastfeeding.  It is versatile and unzips along the front so you don’t have to lift up or pull down your top to feed.  With this hoodie, you can wear while working out, going out, around the house and it is soft and comfortable enough to be part of your pajamas.

You can also use this as part of your maternity wear as there is plenty of room for that baby bump too.  Allows for longevity and value for money.  Wear with a Cadenshae tank or t-shirt and bra for 3 layers of breastfeeding ease.

Material: 100% cotton

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