EMEIBABY – Chi Chi Red (half)


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Emeibaby Chi Chi Red is a half wrap conversion that features 100% organic cotton woven wrap material in red, orange, purple, white and black and black waist and shoulder straps made of 100% organic cotton.

Emeibaby Baby Carrier is an innovative design combining all the benefits and features of a woven wrap, ring sling and full buckle carrier.  It is made from woven wrap material where the back panel and seat is threaded through rings in order to make the seat adjustable as your baby grows, the full buckle comes in with buckle waist belt and shoulder straps.  The Emeibaby is one of the longest lasting carriers available due to the ability to extend the seat width making it perfect from newborn to toddler and beyond (goes to 15kg so can fit an average 3 year old).

The design of the Emeibaby also allows for optimal positioning of the baby for healthy and natural hip and spine development.  There is also no pressure on baby’s back as the seat connects up to the shoulder straps rather than the shoulder straps connecting to the back panel meaning that baby is comfortable and their spine is in their natural rounded position.

Fitting of the seat is only required as your baby grows and the seat is no longer knee to knee.  It is a simple process that can be done quickly.

The Baby fits wonderfully from birth until up to 2+ years and 15kg.  In the half design Emeibaby’s, woven wrap material is used for the body of the carrier and the straps and belt is covered in black 100% organic cotton twill.

Special features

  • adjustable to baby´s size
  • 100% organic cotton
  • no wrapping
  • grows with your baby
  • mom invented
  • patented system
  • usable through baby and toddlerhood
  • very comfy
  • made in Europe
  • can be worn on the front and back

 How the Emeibaby carrier works

  1. tighten all straps like with a backpack
  2. tighten the wrap fabric


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