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About Babywearing and You

Babywearing and You is a Brisbane business that provides a wide range of babywearing related services including Kangatraining classes and Babywearing Consultations.

I’m Kylie and I found babywearing when my first little girl (Emily) was going through her 4 month sleep regression and have never looked back! It was wonderful to have these cuddles while she was happy with me plus my hands were free so I could actually eat and do things around the house. Emily and I started attending Kangatraining classes when she was 6 months old as I wanted to return to fitness but Emily didn’t want to be left in a pram or crèche. Kangatraining was the perfect answer for us and a couple of months after we started attending the classes, it was time for me to return to work as a mental health social worker.  After 10 years as a social worker (and being a little burnt out) I wanted to find something that I could do while spending as much time with my daughter as possible.  At the time, my instructor moved away so I saw it as the perfect opportunity to head in a new employment direction!  I completed the instructor course and have been running classes since November 2014.

I started providing babywearing consultations in 2015 following the completion of my Approved Babywearing Consultant course in 2014.  In 2017, I also went on and completed my Certified Babywearing Consultant course.  Both were via the Babywearing School Australia.

I am so passionate about babywearing and all the amazing benefits that come with it! For babies they are happier and more content being close to a caregiver, it assists with bonding and attachment which is pivotal for a baby’s physical, emotional, social and mental development.  For parent’s or caregiver’s it is a fantastic tool that builds confidence and assists during those leaps and development stages!

Please contact me either by PM or at to discuss any of our services.

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