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Ever wanted to learn more about babywearing and have easy access to a range of information related to babywearing? At Babywearing and You, we hope to answer all your questions about Babywearing and Kangatraining and have developed this collection of related articles.


Babywearing Safety
Find out about how to keep your baby safe while getting them in and out of your baby carrier and while you are wearing.

An Introduction to Baby Carriers 
Your beginner guide to the most common types of baby carriers on the market including the advantages and disadvantages of them.
Want more information?  Check out our specific baby carrier type articles below!
Stretchy Wrap Baby Carrier
Woven Wrap Baby Carrier
Ring Sling Baby Carrier 
Meh Dai (Beh Dai) Baby Carrier
Half Buckle Baby Carrier
Full Buckle (Soft Structured) Baby Carriers 

Optimal Positioning in Babywearing
Optimal positioning is a term used to describe the ideal position that your baby is in when they are in a baby carrier; it is a position that supports their spine, hips and ensures their safety as well.  In this article, we go through what it looks like and how to achieve it.

Baby Carriers And Their Carrying Options
Learn all about front, hip, back and forward facing carry options as well check out our baby carrier comparison table.

Our Experience with Newborn Baby Carriers
Babywearing is such an amazing parenting tool especially when you have a newborn. It helps with bonding, reduces crying and builds your confidence as a new parent.  Not sure where to start though – this is our experience with our latest addition to the family, Isla.

Choosing a Baby Carrier
Not sure where to start when you are looking for a baby carrier?  I go through my top areas to consider when choosing a carrier that is going to suit you and your family.

Baby Carrier Positioning
Got your baby carrier but not sure where it actually sits on your body to ensure that your baby is safe and you are comfortable?  In this article, we go through the position of baby carrier’s from newborn to preschool and different carries.

Help – My Baby Hates Babywearing
Not all baby’s love babywearing in the beginning!  In this article we go troubleshoot common areas that may impact on your baby.

Babywearing Tips
My favourite babywearing tips to help your baby settle in their carrier and learn to love babywearing.  Especially for some baby’s that can be unsettled initially.

Summer Babywearing
Tips and troubleshooting babywearing in hot weather because we know that babies still want to be carried regardless of the season!
Babywearing in Summer
My Top Baby Carriers for Summer

Babywearing Tips Series
Specific Babywearing Tips to make your babywearing journey easier and more comfortable!
How to Back Carry in a Full Buckle Baby Carrier (Tula Explore)
How to Do Up Your Back Strap
How to Breastfeed in a Baby Carrier

How to Reinforce a Front Carry in a Meh Dai or Half Buckle Baby Carrier
How to get a great fit for YOU in a full buckle baby carrier

Stretchy Wrap Tips
How to Flip the Shoulders (Stretchy Wrap Carrier)
How to Tie a Stretchy Wrap in a Pocket Wrap Cross Carry

Toddler and Preschool Babywearing
You don’t need to stop babywearing just because your baby is now a toddler or preschooler!  There are so many benefits and we go through some of the most common questions about toddler/preschool wearing.
Toddler and Preschool Carriers: Do I need one?
Toddler and Preschool Babywearing: Getting the Most out of Your Current Carrier 
Toddler and Preschool Baby Carriers: My favourite options

ABOUT Series
When we started our babywearing journey with our first, we were overwhelmed with the amount of baby carriers available!  It can be hard to decide which baby carrier is for you but I hope to help with our “ABOUT” series that go through the different brands and advantages of each type.  Don’t forget to also check out our YouTube Channel which is the video version of our “ABOUT” series!
Kokadi Flip
Kokadi Tai Tai (Half Buckle)
Ankalia Go (Full Buckle)
Tula Free To Grow
Tula Explore
Tula Toddler Vs Preschool Size Baby Carrier 
Fidella Meh Dai (Flytai)
Fidella FlyClick (Half Buckle)
Fidella Fusion (Full Buckle) 
Ergobaby Omni
Ergobaby Embrace
Boba X (Full Buckle) 

Pregnancy & Babywearing
Want to continue your babywearing journey in this special time?  We go through the considerations to see if it is suitable for YOU as well as the different carry options.
Babywearing While Pregnant: Considerations
Babywearing in Pregnancy: Baby Carrier Options

Belly Wrapping in Pregnancy with a Baby Carrier
You can use your woven wrap, stretchy wrap or ring sling to wrap your pregnant bump and provide support for your everchanging body!
ABOUT Belly Wrapping in Pregnancy with a Baby Carrier 
Pregnancy Belly Wrapping With a Woven Wrap Baby Carrier
Pregnant Belly Wrapping with a Stretchy Wrap
Pregnancy Belly Wrapping with a Ring Sling Baby Carrier

YOUR Favourite Benefits of Babywearing
What’s your favourite benefit of babywearing? We know what the research says but what about the day to day benefits? Thanks to all the families for sharing!

Newborn Babywearing with Isla
Newborn Babywearing is such a beautiful way to bond with your baby and survive the transition of adding to your family.  This is my experience of babywearing with our second daughter, Isla.

Tula Explore Vs Tula Free To Grow
Love Tula Baby Carriers but not sure if you should get a Free-T0-Grow or Explore?  This article goes through the advantages of each one.

Forward Facing Baby Carriers – Comparison of the Tula Explore, Ergobaby Omni and Embrace
Decided that forward facing is a necessary carry for you and your baby but not sure which baby carrier is going to be the best for your family?  In this article, we go through the advantages and features of each one.

Babywearing and Dads
Babywearing has a lot of benefits for everyone involved including dads.  I’ve listed the main benefits for dads that babywear.

Babywearing Benefits for Mums
For Mums in particular there are so many benefits of babywearing that have to do with a mum’s heart and mind, her body and general parenting life!

Postnatal Factors When Returning to Exercise
Returning to exercise in the postnatal period requires adequate recovery time and adjustments due to the three main factors – core, pelvic floor and hormones.

Baby Carriers for Men
Not sure what to look for in a baby carrier that will suite a man?  In this article, we look at things to consider and my top baby carriers for men.

Our Experience of Preschool Baby Carriers
I’ve gone through our favourite preschool baby carriers with my 3.5 year old! Each photo shows how they fit differently but they all still provide the connection and comfort to keep babywearing!

My Love for Kangatraining!
A collection of the best parts of Kangatraining and the reason why I and other mums love it so much!

All about the Kokadi Flip and Tai Tai
Have your heard about the Kokadi Flip and Tai Tai but are not sure what the differences or advantages of each is?  In this article, we examine the benefits of Kokadi baby carriers as well as the specific differences between the Flip and Tai Tai.

What Is Special About The Emeibaby Baby Carrier
Emeibaby is an amazing baby carrier that combines a woven wrap, ring sling and full buckle carrier to produce the ultimate positioning and comfort for you and your baby.  In this article, we have a look at what makes the Emeibaby baby carrier so special!

Me Time (With Your Baby)
Sometimes it is hard to take care of yourself as a mother so these are my favourite tips for self care strategies that you can do with your baby!

The Birth Of Isla
Part One – Preparation 
We had such a different experience with the birth of our second daughter, Isla.  And I believe it was due to our preparation and surrounding ourselves with an amazing support team!
Part Two Birth Day
From a slow start to a VERY quick finish, Isla’s Birth Day was one of our best experiences as a family!
Part Three Aftercare
It tends to be forgotten that a mother is also born and that she needs care after her birth and while transitioning to motherhood (whether it’s her first or 5th).  I received such amazing aftercare both from professionals and family and it made the world of difference!

My Sadness at the End of Our Babywearing Journey
After almost 4 years, our babywearing journey has come to an end with a surprising amount of sadness for both me and my daughter!

Ins and Out of the Fidella Flytai
All About the Fidella Fly Tai which is Fidella’s version of a meh dai.  Including a comparison of the three sizes – Baby, New and Toddler.

Woven Wraps Series:
Woven Wraps Blends and Care Instructions Find out more about the different blends, their wrapping qualities and care instructions.

Great Parts of a Second Pregnancy 
I was always a bit scared about having another baby as you still have to be mama for #1 but it really has been better this time around and I listed my favourite parts.

Finding Motivation to Exercise as a Mum
Finding motivation to exercise can be hard even at the best of times and add in adjusting to life as a new parent (even if you are having your 2nd, 3rd etc) can make it even harder!  These are my favourite tips to increase motivation for mums.

Kangatraining – More than a Mums and Bubs Fitness Class
Kangatraining is so much more than just fitness!  These are some of the amazing reasons to join a class.

Preparing for Our Second Babywearing Journey
We are so excited about our new arrival and starting a new babywearing journey!  Not only is my confidence higher especially with wearing a newborn but also how I’ve prepared.

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