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  • ABOUT: A Half Buckle Baby Carrier

ABOUT: A Half Buckle Baby Carrier

If you want more flexibility than a full buckle baby carrier but easier to use than a Meh Dai, the half buckle is your answer! A half buckle is my favourite family baby carrier as it is comfortable, versatile and perfect for beginners!  Here’s everything you need to know about half buckle baby carriers:

What is a Half Buckle Baby Carrier?
A half buckle is a baby carrier that is similar to a Meh Dai but the difference is that it has one strap (usually the waist) as a buckle and the other (usually the shoulder straps) are long pieces of material that you tie off.  The long shoulder straps are easier to grab than a full buckle so it’s more accessible for anyone that doesn’t have good shoulder rotation or flexibility.

In front carry, you cross the shoulder straps on your back which is helpful with a different weight distribution and for anyone that has narrow or sloping shoulders.

What is it made from?
Half Buckles can be made from woven wrap material, canvas or a mixture of both.  Cotton is the most common in both canvas and woven wrap but woven wrap can also include blends such as bamboo, linen etc.

What carries can I do?
You can wear your baby in a front (inward facing) and back depending on their developmental ability.  Some brands also are made for hip carry as well.

What sizes are available?
Most brands have a baby and toddler/preschool size available.

Miss 2 weeks in our Kokadi Tai Tai Baby Size 

At 6 months  At 2 years

 Miss 3.5 years in our Kokadi Tai Tai Preschool Size

When can I start using it with my baby?
With an adjustable Half Buckles’s (eg one that you can fit in width and/or height for your baby) – you can start wearing your baby from newborn (usually 3.5kg).

Other Half Buckle’s that aren’t adjustable in height and weight can be used from  4-6 months depending on the fit for your baby.  If in doubt, have a look at manufacture recommendations.

How long does it last for?
Baby size usually last for 1-3 years (up to 15kg-20kg) and you can use the shoulder strap to add additional seat width which is amazing!
Toddler size, you can use from approximately 1-2 years to 3-5 years (up to 20-30kg depending on the brand).

Are there different types of shoulder straps?
Yes!  With a woven wrap Meh Dai – the shoulder straps are wide straps that you can spread over your shoulders with or without padding.
With a canvas Meh Dai – the shoulder straps are usually thinner and padded.

 Fabric Shoulder Straps

Canvas Padded Shoulder Straps

What does reinforcing the carry mean?
An amazing part of Half Buckles is you can tie off under/over your baby depending on their development.  If you tie off the shoulder straps under your baby’s bum, there is no pressure on their developing spine and allows for better airflow.

When your baby gets bigger, you can reinforce the carry by tying off the shoulder straps over their back and under their opposite knee which helps with weight distribution and keeping your baby secure.  This is especially useful in back carry.

Tied off under bum  Reinforced carry

Will it suit my body type?
Yes!  As you tie off the shoulder straps, it will fit your body perfectly and they are generous in their strap length so tend to fit a wide variety of body types.  Most of the waist straps are also of good length so fit well.

Is it good for multiple wearers?
Absolutely!  There is no adjusting between wearers as you put on the waist belt and tighten and then tie it off to fit your body.  Due to this, it makes a great family carrier.

Is it hard to use?
It’s slightly easier than a Meh Dai (as it’s one less strap to tie off) but the shoulder straps does require some skill as you need to tighten it yourself and keep the tension while tightening so it is safe for your baby.  Still it doesn’t take long to master it!

Can I breasfeed in it?
Yes!  You just loosen the the shoulder and waist straps and position baby at boob height to feed.  I always recommend mastering babywearing and breastfeeding separately before you look at combining them.


  • Easy to master
  • Perfect for summer as there is better side air flow
  • Can use from newborn to toddler
  • Optimal positioning for your baby
  • Crossed straps
  • Able to reinforce the carry to distribute weight
  • Can use the shoulder straps to extend the seat width
  • Perfect for families or multiple wearers


  • Does have a slight learning curve
  • Crossed straps MAY be uncomfortable if you have neck issues
  • The shoulder straps are long so can get dirty when you are putting it on out and about
  • Takes a little longer to put on than a soft structured (full buckle) baby carrier

Brands of Half Buckles
Half Buckle brands include Fidella, Kokadi, Ankalia, Tula Didymos, Neko and so many more.  Each has different adjustability options, strap length, material and sizes – picking one is based upon your needs and which design you like best.

If you have any questions about Half Buckle baby carriers please PM me or contact me at

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Enjoy those babywearing snuggles,

Certified Babywearing Consultant
Kangatraining Instructor