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  • ABOUT: Stretchy Wrap Baby Carrier

ABOUT: Stretchy Wrap Baby Carrier

A stretchy wrap baby carrier is often the starting point on a lot of babywearing journey’s.  This is because it is so soft for babies (newborns especially), nice and snugly, budget friendly and not too hard to use!  Here is everything you need to know about stretchy wraps 💖

What is a Stretchy Wrap?
A stretchy wrap is a long piece of fabric that you wrap around yourself and your baby and tie it off.  A stretchy wrap has diagonal and vertical stretch.  Due to this stretch it requires 3 passes (times the fabric goes around your baby) to ensure their safety and to be comfortable.

What is it made from?
A stretchy wrap is usually made from jersey material in an organic cotton.   However it can be made with different blends of fabrics.  If you live in a hotter climate, a lightweight cotton is a better option in a stretchy wrap.

What carries can I do?
You can carry your baby in a front or hip carry.
The most common ways to tie off the wrap are the Front Wrap Cross Carry or the Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (the pre-tie option).

Can I back carry in a stretchy wrap?
Most brands are a NO to back carry as it is unsafe to carry them this way.  However there are hybrid stretchy wraps which only have one direction stretch so they are more secure and sturdy in order to safely get your baby on your back and tied off.  If you are unsure, check your instruction manual for further details.

How old can my baby be when I start to use it?
Depending on the manufacture instructions, you can wear your baby from newborn and a certain weight (usually between 3.2kg – 3.5kg).  It is important to follow these instructions as it can be unsafe for smaller babies.

How long can I use it for?
Most manufacture instructions recommend between 11-15kg, so at least a 1 year to 18 months.  However due to the stretch factor, you might find it uncomfortable at a lower weight (around the 8-10kg mark).  If this is the case, I would recommend tying the wrap off with the Front Wrap Cross Carry as you can tighten it easier.

Is it suitable for different wearers?
Yes!  Because you tie it off each time you use it, it will fit you and your baby without having to adjust any buckles.  Most stretchy wraps are generous in their length so they will fit petite to plus size wearers.

Can I breastfeed in it?
Yes you can, it does require some practice but is possible!

Stretchy Wrap Advantages:

  • Helps replicate the womb experience
  • You can pre-tie it before use (so not actual wrapping in public)
  • It’s easy to use and master quickly
  • Feels just like wearing an extra soft piece of clothing
  • Perfect for newborns and babies

Stretchy Wrap Disadvantages:

  • Due to the stretch, your baby can start feeling heavy from 8-10kg
  • It does take some practice to make sure it is tight enough (and stays tight enough while wearing)
  • It can feel hotter due to the 3 passes
  • A stretchy wrap usually doesn’t ‘last’ as long as other baby carriers due to the stretch factor, not so great with bigger babies or toddlers

Brands of Stretchy Wrap:
There are a lot of different brands including Hug-A-Bub, Manduca, Ergobaby, Kokadi, Chekoh, Boba to name a few.  When choosing which one is for you – check out the material and design but there is no right or wrong answer!

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