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  • ABOUT The Ankalia Go (Full Buckle Baby Carrier)

ABOUT The Ankalia Go (Full Buckle Baby Carrier)

Ankalia have redesigned their full buckle baby carrier into the amazing GO!  Not only does it come in two sizes, it is so very adjustable and comfortable for both you and your baby.  Here are the features of the Ankalia Go baby carrier.

Standard Size – Newborn to Toddler
You can use the Go from newborn (3.5kg) up until toddlerhood (25kg).  It can be adjusted to go as small as _ in width and _ in height .  Then as your baby grows, you adjust it bigger thereby creating a perfect fit now and in the future.  The Go carrier usually lasts (comfortably) until your baby is one year to 18 months depending on their size.

Standard Size – Full extended  Cinched to smallest setting

Toddler Size – Toddler to Preschool
Once your baby is a toddler and you have decided to upgrade your current baby carrier – the Go Toddler Size is your answer.  Suitable from approximately one year well into preschoolhood (25kg).  Again it can be adjusted in width and height so will fit your toddler now and as they grow.

  Comparison of the Toddler Size vs Standard (fully extended)

Made in Australia
Ankalia works with local suppliers, artists and textile mills to craft, design and weave premium-quality baby carriers and products designed to take caregivers through many seasons of babywearing and parenting. Ankalia carriers are Australian designed, woven and hand-finished.

Carry Options
You can wear your baby in a front or back carry with the Ankalia Go (inward facing).  These carry options are perfect for newborns to preschoolers.


Fits a Range of Body Types
With generous strap length, the Go fits a range of body types.  This is also makes it a great family baby carrier!

Adjustable Seat
In both the Standard and Toddler Size Go, you can adjust the seat with three button options.  Super easy to use and allows for optimal positioning of your baby.  The Standard Size can be adjusted from 19cm to 35.5cm and the Toddler Size from 30.5cm to 48cm.

Adjustable Back Panel (Height)
Both the Standard and Toddler Size have this amazing feature where you use the pull straps on the back panel to make the height shorter or bigger depending on your baby.  My favourite part is that you can fit your baby exactly and also make this adjustment while you are wearing.  The Standard Size can be adjusted from 20cm to 43cm and the Toddler Size from 33cm to 54.5cm.

Woven Fabric
All Ankalia Go carriers are made from Australian woven fabric and their most recent designs are a mixture of linen and cotton.  The linen element makes it perfect for our Australian summers.

Gorgeous Designs
By collaborating with Australian artists not only are Anaklia’s designs beautiful, they are also have meaning for Australia and our local fauna and flora.

Neck Support in Standard
This is a great new addition for the Go baby carrier and it is a detachable pillow that can be added to the baby carrier for neck support for newborns.

Removable Hood
I find this such a useful option as when you are learning to use your baby carrier, having one less part can make it easier!  Plus it is often unneccessary until your baby is bigger as for their safety and temperature control, you don’t want anything that covers their face or head.  It is a simple clip in.

Perfect Fit Adjusters (PFA’s)
To get the perfect fit for you, the PFA’s are invaluable!  Attached to the shoulder straps, you can pull them tighter or looser to help with weight distribution, shorten or lengthen the shoulder straps and bring your baby closer – whatever feels comfortable for you.

Soft and Comfortable Shoulder Padding
The shoulder strap padding is a perfect mixture of being soft and not too wide so it will fit a range of body types!  Without being overbearing, it creates a comfortable fit for your shoulders.

Sturdy Waist Strap
Firm and thick foam waist strap which is comfortable and supportive!  This is particularly helpful once your baby grows as it distributes their weight beautifully.

Dual Shoulder Strap Tightening Options
This is particularly useful as regardless of front or back carry, you only have to pull the strap forwards to tighten.  Pulling backwards in front carry is so hard especially on your wrists and pulling backwards in back carry is hard for your triceps!  By having both options, you can easily tighten exactly how much you need to wear your baby comfortably.

If you have any questions about the Ankalia GO, please pm me or email at

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Enjoy those babywearing snuggles,

Kylie x
Certified Babywearing Consultant
Kangatraining Instructor