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  • ABOUT The Fidella Fusion (Full Buckle) Baby Carrier

ABOUT The Fidella Fusion (Full Buckle) Baby Carrier

About the Fidella Fusion (full buckle) baby carrier.

When we started our babywearing journey with our first, we were overwhelmed with the amount of baby carriers available!  It can be hard to decide which baby carrier is for you but I hope to help with our “ABOUT” series that go through the different brands and advantages of each type.  For more video’s, check out our YouTube Channel or Facebook Page! Don’t forget to take advantage of the closed captions of our video.

The Fusion is Fidella’s version of a full buckle baby carrier and has a lot of amazing features that make it stand in a class of it’s own!

Baby Size – Newborn to Toddler
Suitable from birth (3.5kg) to toddlerhood (15kg) making it last until 1-2 years depending on the size of your baby!

2 weeks
3 months
6 months

Toddler Size – Toddler to Preschool (and beyond)
The toddler size is huge AND it is weight tested up to 30kg making it the longest lasting baby carrier on the market!  The toddler size is perfect from approx 1 year and it can also be adjusted to your toddler.

 Back Carry 3 years
Front Carry 3 years
Front Carry 4 years

Adjustable For Baby or Toddler
In order to get the perfect fit, a baby carrier needs to be adjustable and the Fidella Fusion is just that.  With the ability to shorten the height and width of the back panel means that you can fit it to your baby now and as they grow.  You can also adjust the top of the back panel for extra neck support.

The Fusion also has two shoulder strap connection points (one at the bottom of the back panel and the other in the middle).  The advantage of this is that when you baby is a newborn or little, you use the bottom one so there is no pressure on their developing spine or back muscles.  And then when they get bigger, you can move to the middle connection point which creates a better weight distribution and makes it easier to carry a heavier child!

 Clipped into the bottom  Clipped into the middle

Adjustable For You
The Fusion is made from a super soft fabric and has a soft padding which molds to you exactly.  It also has two shoulder strap pull points so if you aren’t that flexible you don’t need to strain to reach under your arm pits!  Just reach the first pull point and then the second will be much easier to grab.  And once it’s fit for you, you only need to loosen/tighten the first section or even just unclip it to get it off!

Designs Galore
Fidella are well known for their fun and funky designs.  Made from their super soft woven wrap fabric, there will be something for every family.

Optimal Carry Options – Front and Back Carry
As you can adjust it for your baby, you are able to achieve an optimal position in the front and back carry options.  The ‘M’ and ‘J’ positions means that your baby’s spine and hips are supported and they are safe as well.

Perfect for All Body Types
With a waist belt of 55-150cm and shoulder straps of 32-90cm, this baby carrier can be adjusted for petit to fluffy body types.

A Great Summer Option
It is made from woven wrap material so breathes easily and is super soft.  The other great feature is that the padding isn’t as thick so doesn’t feel as hot around the waist and shoulders for you!  Plus you have two shoulder strap connection points and if you pick the lowest option (into the bottom of the back panel) there is better airflow on the sides for you both.

Toddler Size V2
Fidella have also released their second version of their toddler carrier making some adjustments that make it so much more comfortable for you!  V2 comes with wider straps, thicker padded shoulder straps, the waist belt can be tightened both ways, longer hood straps which are easier to reach and the higher maximum weight.

Great Add On’s 
And if you want to make your Fidella baby carrier even better, they also make suckpads to keep your straps clean and safe from being sucked on by your baby and a waist strap pad to provide lumbar support and comfort.


Baby Vs Toddler Size

Baby Size
– can be used from birth (minimum weight 3.5kg and body size of 56cm)
– back panel can be adjusted (height) 26cm and 36cm
– seat or bridge adjusted from 14cm and 39cm
– can be used to a maximum weight of 15kg
– shoulder strap length 32-90cm
– waist strap can be adjusted between 55cm and 150cm (fits wearer’s between XS and XXL)

Toddler Size
– can be used from 12 months onwards (minimum 10kg and body size 74cm)
– back panel can be adjusted (height) 31cm and 43cm
– seat or bridge adjusted from 14cm and 45cm
– can be used to a maximum weight of 30kg (one of the HIGHEST weights in the baby carrier market)
– shoulder strap length 32-90cm
– hip belt can be adjusted between 55cm and 150cm (fits wearer’s between XS and XXL)

If you have any questions about Fidella’s Full Buckle (Fusion) please don’t hesitate me via Facebook pm or at

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Enjoy those babywearing snuggles x

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