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  • About The Soul AnoonA Baby Carrier

About The Soul AnoonA Baby Carrier

When we started our babywearing journey with our first, we were overwhelmed with the amount of baby carriers available!  It can be hard to decide which baby carrier is for you but I hope to help with our “ABOUT” series that go through the different brands and advantages of each type.  Don’t forget to also check out our YouTube Channel which is the video version of our “ABOUT” series!  

If you are looking for an affordable, amazingly adjustable and beautiful baby carrier then Soul’s AnoonA baby carrier is for you!  With it’s innovative design and 5 carrying options, it is perfect for all families!

5 Different Carrying Options
With the Soul AnoonA you can wear your baby in 5 different carrying options – Newborn Carry, Front, Carry, Forward Facing Carry, Hip Carry and Back Carry.  This is amazing as often babies will go through stages of preferring different carries depending on their developmental stage.  The innovative design allows for you to cater to your baby from a squishy newborn up to an adventurous toddler and beyond.

Made from Woven Wrap Material
Woven wrap material is fantastic for baby carriers as it will mold to your baby’s body and is often cooler.  With a choice of woven wrap material made from cotton or linen in a range of designs, it is especially great in hotter climates or summer!

Easy Seat Adjustment
To get the perfect fit for your baby now and as they grow, there are two seat adjustment features.  The first is the ability to change the width of the seat via easy to use clips (3 settings) on the waist belt.  The second is a strap either side of the back panel that you can use to ensure that the width goes from your baby’s knee crease to knee crease therefore allowing for optimal positioning.

Easy Height Adjustment
With a simple pull down or up of the straps on the shoulder closest to the back panel, you can adjust the height of the back panel.  This is so useful so that it will fit a newborn with their head visible (achieving safe babywearing) or to ensure that a toddler can also fit securely.

Suitable from Newborn to Toddler
You can start using your Soul AnoonA once your baby is 3.2kg and continue using it up to 20kg!  With all the above adjustments, it will comfortably fit your baby as they grow.  As you can adjust the width and height independent of each other, you can get optimal positioning for YOUR baby.  Isla has long legs but a short torso so we adjust accordingly.
 2 Weeks  3 Months  6 Months

Shoulder Strap Options
Having the option to either cross your shoulder straps or wear them parallel allows for a great fit for wearers of all body types.

Generous Straps (Suitable for most body types)
The AnoonA’s waist belt and strap is approximately 140cm  and the shoulder straps are approximately 136cm.  This means that it will fit from petit to plus size.

Easy to Adjust Between Wearers
With a few quick and simple adjustments, you can get a comfortable fit for anyone that may wear your baby.  One full day at the Museum saw Isla being worn by myself, my husband and my dad (her granddad) and we were all comfortable and she was happy!

Pocket on the Waist Belt
This is so useful to keep your mobile, keys and a few cards!  Easy to access while wearing, it is a great addition.

Padding on the Back Panel
There is padding on the sides of the back panel where your baby’s legs go for added comfort.  Along with padding on the top of the back panel which provides additional neck/head support for your baby.

Removable Hood
Easily clip the hood into the back panel as additional head and neck support for your baby, shade or for privacy while breastfeeding.  Or you can decided to take it off.  The hood is also quite generous is size with long reach straps which is perfect for when you are wearing your baby in a back carry!

Beautiful Designs
Soul regularly make new designs of the AnoonA in both the 100% cotton woven wrap material or 100% linen woven wrap material.  From their simply elegant classic range to their bright and exciting linen, there is something for every family!

Ethically Made
This family run business is based in India that is focused on babywearing safety, eco-friendly and ethically made and fair trade supporting local families and communities.

If you have any questions about the Soul AnoonA baby carrier please let me know at
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Kylie xx

Certified Babywearing Consultant
Kangatraining Instructor