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  • About The Tula Free-To-Grow Baby Carrier

About The Tula Free-To-Grow Baby Carrier

When we started our babywearing journey with our first, we were overwhelmed with the amount of baby carriers available!  It can be hard to decide which baby carrier is for you but I hope to help with our “ABOUT” series that go through the different brands and advantages of each type.  Don’t forget to also check out our YouTube Channel which is the video version of our “ABOUT” series!  

Tula’s Free-To-Grow is an innovative design that combines all the best parts of Tula baby carriers without the need for an infant insert!  This makes it easier to use, cooler for you and your baby and you get a better fit.

Suitable from Newborn to Toddler
You can start using your Tula Free To Grow once your baby is 3.2kg and continue using it up to 20kg!  As you can adjust the back panel in height and width, it will comfortably fit your baby as they grow.  As you can adjust the width and height independent of each other, you can get optimal positioning for YOUR baby.  Isla has long legs but a short torso so we adjust accordingly.

If you live in a hotter climate, then the Coast option is for you!  With mesh in the back panel and hood, it will keep your baby cool on those hot, summer days.  You still get a gorgeous design around the mesh but it also provides breathable airflow to help keep baby cool and comfortable.

Tula is renowned for their fabric designs from bright colours and patterns to simple and understated beauties there is something for every family.  It is also made from breathable and lightweight twill so even if you don’t get the coast, it still is a great baby carrier for summer.

Optimal Carry Options
You can front and back carry in the Tula Free to Grow (back carry is usually recommended once your child until your baby has strong and consistent head, neck, and torso control, and can push him or herself independently into, and remain in, a seated position on a consistent basis).  Both of these carries allow your baby to be in an optimal position (for more info see HERE).

Easy Seat Adjustment

To get the perfect fit for your baby now and as they grow, there is a seat adjustment where you have the ability to change the width of the seat via easy to use clips (3 settings) on the waist belt.  This allow you to fit from newborn to toddler and is super simple to use.

 Smallest  Medium   Largest

Easy Height Adjustment
With a simple pull down or up of the straps on the shoulder closest to the back panel, you can adjust the height of the back panel.  This is so useful so that it will fit a newborn with their head visible (achieving safe babywearing) or to ensure that a toddler can also fit securely.

Generous Straps (Suitable for most body types)
The Free To Grow’s waist belt is 69cm of padding and the strap is approximately 145cm total  and the shoulder straps are approximately 136cm.  This means that it will fit from petit to plus size.

Easy to Adjust Between Wearers
With a few quick and simple adjustments, you can get a comfortable fit for anyone that may wear your baby.  As it fits numerous body types, it is a great family baby carrier.

           Comfort for me and my husband!                    

Pocket on the Waist Belt
This is so useful to keep your mobile, keys and a few cards!  Easy to access while wearing, it is a great addition.

Padding on the Back Panel
There is padding on the sides of the back panel where your baby’s legs go for added comfort.    

Removable Hood
Easily clip the hood into the back panel as additional head and neck support for your baby, shade or for privacy while breastfeeding.  Or you can decided to take it off.  The hood is also quite generous is size with long reach straps which is perfect for when you are wearing your baby in a back carry!


  • Depending on the snap setting, the seat panel width is adjustable from 13 cm‚ – 38 cm.
  • Depending on the panel height adjusters, the height of the panel is adjustable from 28 cm‚ – 43 cm‚ tall.
  • Hip Belt Measures 13 cm‚ tall and 69 cm‚ wide. Additional webbing extends approximately 76 cm‚ (waistband total of ~ 145 cm‚ long).
  • Weight of the carrier:‚ 0.8 kg

The Tula Free to Grow combines Tula’s signature designs and carrier comfort along with optimal positioning and fit for your baby today and in the future.  It is an amazing baby carrier that will last you throughout your babywearing days.  To see our full range head to: TULA Baby Carriers

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