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  • Attipas Baby and Toddler Shoes

Attipas Baby and Toddler Shoes

All about these great shoes!

We discovered Attipas Baby and Toddler Shoes when a friend came over and her son was wearing them, not only where they absolutely adorable, he was also so happy wearing them.   At this stage Emily was about 2.5 years old and so we picked her first pair together and she loved her ‘snuggly shoes’ as she called them.  What also sold me on Attipas Baby and Toddler shoes was that I noticed an improvement in her walking after wearing them (she was slightly pigeon toed) and she constantly asks to wear them even a year later!

So what makes Attipas Baby and Toddler Shoes exceptional?

They were actually developed through scientific studies in Seoul which consisted of kinetic (walking pattern) and physio-dynamic (foot pressure) tests.  Following these studies, they were designed for babies and toddlers to learn to walk without any hindering from the shoe and thus walk effectively.  It is similar to them walking in bare feet.

I didn’t realise this but having a balanced sense of feet, feeling the sole and toe movements also contribute to brain and motor development therefore cognitive development.  These shoes are made for babies and toddlers to be able to learn to walk and continue walking without having to worry about their feet hurting while walking barefoot or freezing in winter.

For me, I love their easy care option (you can machine or hand wash them quickly) and they are also far easier to put on compared to socks AND shoes which is especially useful in the toddler stage where everything takes ages to do!  They also come in some many cute designs and they have stood the test of time in our house, lasting over a year with one pair!

The Five key benefits of wearing Attipas toddler and baby shoes:

  1. Convenience: non-slip and machine-washable
  2. Breathable: fine holes that release heat
  3. Big Toe Box: allows free toe movement to improve cognitive and motor development
  4. Non-toxic: to prevent exposure to potentially harmful materials
  5. Lightweight: light and flexible, just like socks

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