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Baby Carriers And Their Carrying Options

Babywearing is so much more than only wearing your baby on your front!  Most baby carriers have at least 2 carrying options and each position has different advantages.  From front snuggles (my favourite) to back carries which are great for getting things done and make carrying a toddler easier!

*When considering your options, it is important to ensure your baby is safe and the carry/carrier is developmentally appropriate for them.  Make sure you read your instruction manual and follow their advice*

So what are the different carrying options?

Front Carry (inward facing) 

  • Baby faces you  on your front
  • Suitable from newborn until it is no longer comfortable for you
  • Advantages include optimal positioning can be achieved (depending on your baby carrier), you can easily see their cues and communicate with each other and when your baby is tired, they can comfortably and safely fall asleep and it is just like cuddling!

Hip Carries

  • Baby faces you on your hip
  • Requires your baby to have adequate head and neck control or even sitting abilities so check your baby carrier instructions
  • Advantages include that optimal positioning can be achieved as your baby is facing you, it replicates the natural hip position that we usually carry our babies
  • Things to consider include that the weight distribution is different as more weight is on your opposite shoulder and often the arm of the carrying hip is restricted.

 Back Carries 

  • Baby faces you on your back
  • Most baby carriers recommend back carrying once your baby can sit independently (so not propped up).
  • Advantages include nice high back carry allows your child to see the world and they can still fall asleep if required, optimal positioning achieveable, plus it is often super comfortable for the wearer as it uses different muscles.

Forward Facing

  • Baby faces out on your front
  • Requires your baby to have adequate head and neck control or even sitting abilities so check your baby carrier instructions
  • Advantages include baby being able to see and often be involved in the world
  • Things to consider include overstimulation, wearer missing cues, can be uncomfortable for the wearer due to your centre of gravity changing and a baby can’t fall asleep in this position as their head falls forward which can be an asphyxiation risk

Not sure which baby carrier is for you?  Check out our Baby Carrier and Their Carry Options Comparison below and if you have any questions please contact me at

BABY CARRIER Front Carry (inward facing) Hip Carry Back Carry Forward Facing
Tula Free-To-Grow Yes Yes
Tula Explore Yes Yes Yes
Tula Toddler Yes Yes
Kokadi Flip Yes Yes
Kokadi Tai Tai Yes Yes
Soul AseemA Yes Yes
Soul AnoonA Yes Yes Yes Yes
Soul Toddler Full Buckle Yes Yes
Soul Woven Wrap Yes Yes Yes
Soul Ring Sling Yes Yes Yes
Fidella Flytai (meh dai) Yes Yes
Fidella Fusion Yes Yes
Yaro Woven Wrap Yes Yes Yes
Yaro Ring Sling Yes Yes
Manduca Yes Yes Yes
Manduca Stretchy Wrap Yes Yes
Emeibaby Yes Yes
Ergo Omni 360 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Didymos Woven Wrap Yes Yes Yes
Didymos Ring Sling Yes Yes
Soul Onbuhimo Yes
Fidella Onbuhimo Yes

Kylie xx

Certified Babywearing Consultant
Kangatraining Instructor