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  • Baby Carriers for Men

Baby Carriers for Men

What to look for in a baby carrier for a man

Baby Carriers For Men

Finding a baby carrier for men doesn’t have to be a difficult process though and once they see how amazing babywearing is (see more here), it can become one of their most important parenting tools.

During babywearing consultations, the common themes that I hear from dads is that they want something functional, easy to use and has a design that suits them.  At the end of the day, it is what is most comfortable for them or what they like the look of which means they will use it often.  Generally they prefer half buckles and soft structured carriers over ring slings and woven wraps.

When looking for a baby carrier for men or a family carrier, finding one that is adjustable as possible carriers (may) also sit differently on men as they often have a longer torso so depending on the size of the baby, the carrier may need to sit higher on their waist rather than their hips.  Because of this and as their shoulders tend to be broader than women, it is important to find a carrier that can be adjusted to their body type easily to get a good fit for father and baby.

If you are ever unsure, a babywearing consultation can help find the perfect dad or family carrier.  If you can’t have a consultation or go to a babywearing meet to try a baby carrier, here are my top baby carriers for men.

Kokadi-baby-carrier-oldschool-hommeKokadi Tai Tai

This is my number one carrier for men and it is currently hubby’s favourite!  It is a half buckle (buckle waist belt and tie shoulder straps) and the perfect family carrier as it is easy and there are no major adjustments when swapping between wearers.  The padded shoulder straps tie off which allows for a great fit with different body types and are easier to use then buckles if someone is unable to grab the strap without assistance (due to arms being unable to rotate easily or shorter straps).  With a range of designs that are specifically made for men, this is a fantastic carrier.  As one dad said during a recent babywearing consultation “it’s functional, comfortable and I will wear it”.  The Kokadi Tai Tai also has an adjustable seat for babies and with the back panel being made out of woven material, optimal positioning is easily achievable for your baby.  See our Kokadi Tai range HERE

Tula Baby Carriers

Tula make a wide variety of baby carriers including Free-To-Grow, Explore, Half Buckle, Toddler and Preschool and they are all a great carrier for the family.  Each carrier is designed for different carries and/or age groups but they all are super comfortable and have generous straps so they will fit a range of body types.  Apart from the Half Buckle, there will be some adjustments required between wearers but it is super quick and easy to do!  Tula are renowned for their designs so there will be something to suit everyone’s tastes.  The waist belt also has a pocket in it, perfect for dad’s to keep their cards or keys in.  See our Tula range HERE

Fidella Baby Carriers

Fidella also make a variety of baby carriers including a Meh Dai (Flytai), Half Buckle (FlyClick) and Full Buckle (Fusion) in both baby and toddler sizes.  The Flytai and FlyClick have no adjusting between wearers and you cross the shoulder straps so it can feel more comfortable.  All the straps are padded and have a generous amount of fabric to fit the majority of body types.  Fidella has so many designs that there will be something for everyone.  Fidella is also made from woven wrap material and has numerous options to adjust the back panel to get that perfect fit for your baby.

The Fusion also has two pull points for tightening the shoulder straps and this is perfect for people that aren’t flexible so it is easy to put on by yourself.  See our Fidella range HERE

Ergobaby Baby Carriers

Ergobaby make full buckle baby carriers (Omni, Adapt and Embrace) that really do fit men very well!  They tend to have more padding in the shoulder straps so it fits longer torso’s really well (for shorter torso’s, crossing the straps can help get a comfortable fit).  All the straps are generous for a variety of body types and they are so simple to use.  The Omni, Adapt and Embrace are also all adjustable for your baby to get a lovely fit as well.  Ergobaby focuses on simple yet classic designs so they are perfect for families.  You also tighten the shoulder straps by pulling backwards which is easier to do if you don’t have the flexibility to reach under your armpits.  See our Ergobaby range HERE

Manduca babywearing-and-you-manduca-dad

This was my husband’s favourite carrier with our first daughter.  As a soft structured carrier (full buckle), you will need to re-adjust between wearers.  As it is made of canvas, it tends to be a bit more structured than the carriers above which some men prefer.  Manduca’s do have a lot of options for adjusting (eg back panel can be increased/shortened, shoulder straps can be tightened both ways making for easy back carry and the waist belt can be tightened on both sides) so it can fit a man’s body well.  Manduca’s also come in solid colours so if your partner is looking for something simple, this may be the carrier for them.  See our Manduca range HERE


Babywearing is a fantastic parenting tool and can be a special time for dad’s (or grandfather’s, uncles, other caregivers).  If you have any questions about which carrier is right for you and your family, please pm me or contact at

Kylie Lau
Certified Babywearing Consultant
Kangatraining Instructor