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  • Babywearing in Pregnancy – Baby Carrier Options

Babywearing in Pregnancy – Baby Carrier Options

Do you want to babywearing while pregnant but not sure of your baby carrier options?  Often it’s trial and error to find what works for you and your wearee and it can change as your pregnancy progresses.

Not sure if babywearing while pregnant is for you, make sure you check out our article about the common considerations (see more HERE).

Carry Positions


Usually comfortable in the 1st-2nd trimesters depending on you and your bump.  After that it can be uncomfortable for either of you as your bump can push into your wearee.  In my second pregnacy, my nausea was bad but for some reason wearing my first on my front felt better!

Front Carry – Ankalia Go at 16 weeks.


When your pregnancy bump gets in the way, you may consider wearing your baby on your hip.  This can be a great option if you are often carrying them on your hip anyway.  But always listen to your body as their weight is on one side, your pelvis can be unstable and joints are more elastic (due to the hormone relaxin) which can result in strain, pain or injury.

 Hip carry in our Yaro Ring Sling at 23 weeks


This is my personal favourite as my children are 3-4 years apart so wearing them on my back is by far the most comfortable!  You can feel balanced, I find it also encourages better posture plus it is easier to see in front of you.  Back carry is suitable once your baby can maintain a seated position without being propped (usually around 6-9 months).

 Back Carry in an Emeibaby Toddler at 30 weeks

How To Position the Carrier Around Your Baby Bump

There is no right or wrong, it’s all about what feels right on the day (and often this might change as your pregnancy progresses).  However if you have a small age gap or smaller baby, under bump and/or back carry may not be suitable as it will position them too low to be safe and they may not have the adequate back muscles or spine development to cope with back carry.

And as you can see in the pictures, I have been trying different carrier positions to find the most comfortable way with the winner being under bump!  As Miss 3 weighs 12kg, I am finding back carry the best option for us as well.

  • under bump
  • over bump
  • nothing on bump (hip carry or waistless baby carrier)

  Under Bump -Boba X 

Over Bump -Fidella FlyClick

 Nothing on bump -Fidella Onbuhimo

Baby carrier options

There is no need to get a new baby carrier if you want to continue wearing while pregnant!  As mentioned above, you may need to change your carry and position of the waist belt (if you have one) around your pregnancy bump.  Still if babywearing is a necessity here are the benefits of different baby carrier options.

WOVEN WRAPS: These are a great option as they are so versatile!  You can wear front, hip and back as well as tie it off in different methods so it feels comfortable for you and your bump.

RING SLINGS: This is a good option for quick up and downs and you can wear them on your hip.  As I mentioned as all the weight is on one shoulder, you may find it uncomfortable sooner than other options.

MEH DAI OR HALF BUCKLE: Depending on the brand, you can wear these front, hip and back carry so will give you lots of options.  And some brands such as Fidella have a softer waist belt so it tends to mold better over your bump.

FULL BUCKLE:  Again you can wear your baby in front and back carry (and some brands offer hip) and the sturdy waist belt tends to provide more support wherever you place it!  Quick and easy option.

ONBUHIMO: This a waistless baby carrier which means there is nothing on your bump which is nice!  The downside is that all your baby’s weight is on your shoulders and you might not be able to wear as long depending on their size.  Getting the fit right helps with comfort levels and the onbuhimo is a great option for toddlers as it quick and easy to use.

If you have any questions, please let me know either via PM or at

Enjoy those babywearing snuggles,

Certified Babywearing Consultant
Kangatraining Instructor