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  • Babywearing Tips – How to Do Up Your Back Strap in a Baby Carrier

Babywearing Tips – How to Do Up Your Back Strap in a Baby Carrier

Babywearing Tips to make your babywearing journey easier and more comfortable!  Today we are focusing on the position of your back strap and how to do it up by yourself.

One of the most common adjustment issues is to do with the back strap in a soft structured baby carrier.  As most people aren’t super flexible, they will often keep it high in order to do it up.  But as you can see in this picture, having it so high means there is a lot of weight on your neck. And this is EXTREMELY uncomfortable!!

You want the back strap to sit in the middle of your shoulder blades so the shoulder straps and back strap create a H on your back.  You can achieve this by moving the back strap up/down and tighten/loosen to you get the perfect fit for you.  It is often useful to have someone around to do this on your first adjustment.  Sometimes if you tighten your shoulder straps, it will move it down more as well.

By having it in the middle of your shoulder blades, it helps with weight distribution and keeps your shoulder straps in position as well. It really makes a world of difference for you!

So once your back strap is in position – how do you do it up when you are by yourself?  I will go through two options below in my YouTube video with written instructions below.  And  don’t forget to use close captions if you have a sleeping baby!

Option 1: Loosen and Clip
The Loosen and Clip is an easy option but does require some flexibility still.

  • Start with your shoulder straps loose
  • Put on your waist belt
  • Put baby in the back panel and pull it up
  • Put your shoulder straps over your shoulders.
  • From here you want to keep tension on the shoulder straps and follow them back until you reach the back strap and clip it in.
  • Then tighten your straps and you are good to go!

Option 2: The T-Shirt Method
This is the better option if you aren’t very flexible or if you have a baby that pushes off you (and makes it harder to do the clip when they are in the carrier).

  • Put on your waist belt
  • Loosen your shoulder straps and do up the back strap and let this hang down
  • Put your baby in the back panel and bring it up.
  • Then take the back strap over your head and put your arms into the shoulder straps like a t-shirt.
  • The final step is to tighten the shoulder straps and you are finished!

I hope this helps and if you have any questions please contact me at or PM my Facebook Page.  I do also provide Babywearing Consultations if you want further support both in person in Brisbane or via Skype/FaceTime.


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