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  • Babywearing Tips – How to get a great fit for YOU in a full buckle baby carrier

Babywearing Tips – How to get a great fit for YOU in a full buckle baby carrier

Full buckle (or soft structured) baby carriers  are a great babywearing option as they are quick and easy to use.  But sometimes they might not feel as comfortable as you expect.  However don’t be discouraged as with a few quick tips you can get the best fit for you every time!

These are often the most common fit issues that I see and I’ve included pictures of before and after to help you see the fit tip in action.  And not only will they make babywearing more comfortable for you, they also ensure your baby is safe as well!

I am using a Tula Free-To-Grow baby carrier but the steps are transferable to any other full buckle baby carrier.



Position of Your Waist Strap
You want to make sure that you position the waist strap high enough to keep your baby safe (for in-depth information about babywearing position see HERE).  Aim for their head to be close enough to kiss without straining your neck as per babywearing safety recommendations (see HERE).

Having the waist strap higher also means that you will get a nice deep seat for your baby to achieve an optimal (or ‘M’) position.

Too low


Baby is nice and high and close enough to kiss

Waist Strap to be Firm and Straight

To ensure that your waist strap doesn’t pull on your lower back due to it being uneven, you want it to be firm enough to stay straight across your body (but with enough space to feel comfortable!).

This also helps with weight distribution so you can wear your baby for a lot longer!

Not straight and pulling on my back 

Waist strap is firm and parallel to ground


Position of Your Back Strap
Having the back strap in the right position can make a HUGE difference in terms of comfort and weight distribution.  It also helps if you have narrow or sloping shoulders to make the shoulder straps feel more secure.

When you first get a carrier, it is useful to have someone help you get the back strap in the right position while you are wearing your baby.

The back strap can be moved up and down as well as tightened/loosened to find your perfect fit.  You want to aim for your straps to create a H on your back and it will sit somewhere in the region of the middle of your shoulder blades.

Too high and pressure on neck

This is my sweet spot in the middle of my back


Tightness of Shoulder Straps
When you first start wearing your baby, you might be surprised at how firm you want them against your body.  But having them TIGHT against you it is for their safety and to make sure they don’t slump which can compromise their breathing.  Imagine you are giving them a nice big hug while walking and this is a great firmness to aim for.

Tightening your shoulder straps will help achieve this firmness, as well as be more comfortable for you due to the weight distribution not being ‘pulled’ forward.

Straps are too loose (which is also making her sit low)


Straps tight (without being uncomfortable) and she is now firm against me


I hope that these babywearing tips help you get the best fit in your full buckle baby carrier.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via Facebook pm or at

Enjoy those babywearing snuggles,

Kylie x

Certified Babywearing Consultant
Kangatraining Instructor