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  • Babywearing Tips – How to Tie a Stretchy Wrap in a Pocket Wrap Cross Carry

Babywearing Tips – How to Tie a Stretchy Wrap in a Pocket Wrap Cross Carry

Do you have a stretchy wrap but are just struggling to get the ‘right’ or comfortable fit?  Often when we start learning a new skill (and yes babywearing is definitely a skill), it can feel like something isn’t right but you aren’t sure what it is.  While it does take some practice to master your stretchy wrap – these are my babywearing tips on how to tie a stretchy wrap in a Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (PWCC).

The PWCC is a great starting point as you can pre-tie it and just put baby in and often families feel more confident knowing that the cross creates a secure place to put their baby and they don’t have to fiddle too much while getting their babies in!

In this article, I go through step by step of how to pre-tie at PWCC, some of my favourite tips and troubleshoot common issues that can happen with the PWCC.

To cover all different learning styles – we have a YouTube instructional video (with subtitles) and the steps written down with photos for your reference.

How to Tie a Stretchy Wrap in a Pocket Wrap Cross Carry

Start with the middle marker in the centre of your chest and take one side of the wrap behind your back and up to the opposite side shoulder.  Do the same with the other side (creating a cross on your back).  These are your shoulder passes and the one that is across your body is your middle pass.
Tip: You need all three passes to go over your baby to provide support and ensure their safety.

Bring the shoulder passes over your shoulders and pull them tight to get rid of any slack.   Tuck them under the middle pass.
Tip: to make sure that your baby stay secure, you want the carry to be tight and stay tight so pull tighter than you expect as it will stretch as you wear.

Cross the shoulder passes on your front and bring the fabric back around your body and tie off with a double knot either at your back, side or bring it back around to your front so you don’t trip on the end of the passes.
Tip: Try to bring the passes around at the height of where your baby’s bum is going to go.  If you go lower than bum, it can create slack which will make your baby sag and feel heavier (and potentially be unsafe).

Make a space for your baby’s bum with the cross to be under their bum.  You may need to move the middle pass down so it’s not in the way.

Pick up your baby and start with them over your shoulder.  Gently slide them down into position, putting one leg between you and the corresponding shoulder pass.  Do the same on the other side.
Tip: keep a safe arm across your baby so they aren’t a fall’s risk.

Position the shoulder pass bunch at baby’s knee crease on both sides and allow them to relax into the ‘M’ position where their knees are higher than bum. 
Tip: You may need to stop and rock with them.

Start on the shoulder pass closest to your body and spread the fabric from baby’s knee to knee.  Making sure that the fabric covers high on their back.  Keep a safe arm across them at all times until you are finished (I’ve moved my arms so you can see easier).
Tip: make sure that the fabric over their back is smooth.

Do the same with the other shoulder pass.  You can also flip your shoulder so there isn’t a bunch of fabric blocking your baby’s view.
Tip: to flip the shoulder, starting at height of your baby’s shoulders grab under the shoulder pass to the outside hem and pull it under.  Then take that hem to the opposite knee allowing the fabric to spread from knee to knee.

Final step is to bring the middle pass over baby’s legs and spread it up their back over the shoulder passes.
Tip: make sure you bring it up to a safe height for your baby (base of their neck is a good guideline).

Tip: if your baby falls asleep, you can also spread the shoulder pass across the back of their head for support – make sure that their airways are clear at all times (so don’t cover their face).

And that’s it!  You are done.

If you have any questions please let me know either via PM or at

Enjoy those babywearing snuggles,

Certified Babywearing Consultant
Kangatraining Instructor