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  • Babywearing While Pregnant

Babywearing While Pregnant

Can I babywear while pregnant?

This is a really common question I get asked and it really depends on your personal circumstances and taking into account certain areas (see below).

Here we are babywearing under my bump in a Boba X.

For ME, right now babywearing while pregnant (20 weeks with my third) is a necessity with Miss 3 as knows something is changing in her world.  And so she has been needing extra cuddles It’s much easier than carrying in arms and she’s only 12kg so I still feel comfortable.  I also have no pregnancy or health issues which might mean our babywearing days are finished.

Over bump in our Fidella FlyClick.

But with my second pregnancy, my first was too big (18kg) and belly bub was so low with a lot of pressure on my pelvic floor so it was uncomfortable for me to wear during pregnancy and we stopped very quickly.

Out and about in our Fidella Onbuhimo which has no waist strap.

So can YOU wear while pregnant? Some important areas to consider are:

Pregnancy or Medical Issues

If you have any health or pregnancy related issues or risk factors it’s probably time to hang up those carriers until belly bub arrives!  If you are ever in doubt, chat to your medical team for their recommendations.

Previous babywearing experience

Becoming pregnant isn’t the time to START babywearing as your body is already going through so many changes.  If you have been wearing regularly before becoming pregnant, it’s often easy to continue!

Front Carry in our Ankalia Go.

Age and Size of Your Wearee
While we have gotten stronger babywearing our child as they grow, if you do have an older/heavier wearee it may be too uncomfortable to continue.  Or you might need to change how you carry, time that you do carry and activities while wearing.  For example, a back carry is a lot easier than front carry, shorter is easier than longer and hiking or moderate paced walking may be out.

Here we are in the Ring Sling at 23 weeks

Listening to your body

You are working hard to create life so listen to your body and don’t wear or immediately stop wearing if you have any pain, discomfort, dizziness or fatigue! You may only be able to wear in the first trimester or for short periods but it’s better to be safe than sorry (aka injured!).

Understanding your pregnancy limitations

Your pelvic floor and core is already being overworked, the hormone relaxin is floating around making your joints more elastic which can increase your risk of injury, and general endurance is changing while being pregnant! So take this into consideration each and every time you wear.

For some, babywearing while pregnant is a different phase in your babywearing journey and for others it’s a brief respite before a new journey begins

If you babywearing while pregnant is for you – check out our next article about your different options (coming soon!).

Any questions, please contact me via PM or at

Enjoy those babywearing snuggles,

Certified Babywearing Consultant
Kangatraining Instructor