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  • Breastfeeding in a Baby Carrier

Breastfeeding in a Baby Carrier

Breastfeeding in a baby carrier is a complete game changer!  It adds another element of ease to babywearing and helps you with this hard and intense parenting gig.  My second had such FOMO that she would never feed when were out and about unless she was in the baby carrier; this meant that she could still see and enjoy our outing while getting all the feeds that she needed.

So what are the great parts of boobin’ in a carrier? Well if your baby is anything like mine, they don’t want to miss out so this allows for the best of both worlds where you can continue with whatever activity you were already doing without them missing out on their boobin’ time.

It is super convenient as there is no need to stop, find a chair or parent’s room.  While I am usually all for sitting while boobin’, when I’m out it’s not always easy to find a suitable place (or even one that is clean enough to feed in).

Surprisingly it is also super private and most people don’t even know that you are feeding and you can always use the hood to give yourself some added privacy.

Breastfeeding in the carrier is especially useful when your baby is going through a leap/teething/generally grumpy/nursing strike as it can provide a different option to help settle them when they are refusing either the carrier or boob.

And even better, if they do fall asleep while feeding, a simple readjustment in the carrier and they can continue their nap without any disruptions!

Feeding out and about – who can resist this view!







And in a couple of minutes, she’s out ❤️

Before you get started, it is important to master these two different skills separately.  Both of them have their learning curves and you want to ensure that you and your baby can achieve latching and feeding effectively and babywearing safely and comfortably.  Once you have learned and feel confident in them both, then it’s time to combine (woohoo).

Tip: You can feed your baby in the carrier at any age but waiting until your baby is a little older (and bigger) can definitely make this so much easier.  So don’t be discouraged if your first few attempts don’t go to plan – just wait and try again later!  

How to Breastfeed in a Baby Carrier: (if you are a visual person – check out our instructional video below)

These general steps can be applied to a wide range of baby carriers (such as full, half buckle, meh dai’s and woven wraps) but the most important part is to ensure your baby’s SAFETY!

As soon as you start loosening, your baby is not secure so you will need to keep an arm around them the whole time until you have re-tightened the straps.

The other safety consideration is making sure that their airways are clear so they can feed and breathe easily.  And as soon as they are done boobin, either take them out or secure the baby carrier again!

Preparation:  If I knew that boobin’ was going to happen asap, then I set up my clothes before I put my baby in.  This might mean, lifting your shirt so it’s not caught under the waist strap or unzipping any zips.  This makes it so much easier when it’s time to feed, especially if you have an impatient baby!

Step 1: Loosen your shoulder and waist straps

Step 2: Lower your baby to nipple height
And you might want to slightly move them off centre closer to the boob they are going to feed off

Step 3: Help your baby latch
You may also need to lift your boob to baby’s mouth and I slide my hand under the straps to achieve this.

Step 4: Hurray! Your baby is now breastfeeding in the carrier!
Now you can continue doing what you were doing while keeping that safe arm across them.  You may want to swap boobs if necessary.

Step 5: Lift your baby back into position and re-tighten all the straps
I would also recommend you make sure you clip your bra / nursing singlet back on and fix your clothes before you do this (even if your baby is asleep) cause if you are anything like me, you will completely forget and when you do take your baby out it becomes a quick dash to get everything sorted (haha).

Below is the link to our instructional video and we have subtitles if your baby is asleep while you are watching!

And that’s all there is to it!

If you have any questions, please let me know either by Facebook pm or at

Enjoy those babywearing and boobin’ snuggles 🥰

Kylie x

Certified Babywearing Consultant
Kangatraining Instructor