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  • Forward Facing Baby Carriers – Comparison of the Tula Explore, Ergobaby Omni and Embrace

Forward Facing Baby Carriers – Comparison of the Tula Explore, Ergobaby Omni and Embrace

Don’t forget all our videos come with closed captions in case you have a sleeping baby!

You have decided that forward facing is a necessary feature of your baby carrier but which brand is for you?  I will go through my three favourite forward facing carriers –  The Tula Explore, Ergobaby Omni and Ergobaby Embrace.  I hope this will help you find your perfect baby carrier for your family.

You can forward face your baby once they have adequate head and neck control and they are big enough so the back panel comes to under their chin.  It is a great option for nosy babies and to share the world easier!  Just watch for signs of over-stimulation, follow the manufacture recommendations for timing (usually about 20-30 minutes) and never let your baby fall asleep as it can become a safety issue (airways are compromised).

While each baby carrier has different features and fit, I may have ordered them based up my favourites!

Tula Explore

  • Newborn 3.2kg to Toddler 20kg
  • Front, forward facing and back carry
  • Made from soft and flexible canvas to fit your baby well
  • Also comes in mesh options for hotter climates
  • Really easy to use and super comfortable
  • Great positioning of your baby


Ergobaby Omni

  • Newborn 3.2kg to Toddler 20kg
  • Front, forward facing, hip and back carry
  • Made from a more structured material so doesn’t mold as well to you or your baby
  • Also comes in mesh for hotter climates
  • Has lumbar support
  • Can have crossed or straight straps


Ergobaby Embrace

  • Newborn 3.2kg to Older baby 11kg
  • Front (newborn and baby) and forward facing carry
  • Made from a super soft knit fabric that is so comfortable for you both
  • Crossed straps
  • Older babies in front or forward facing carry, the carrier is put on apron style which means it sits higher on your waist and the fabric hangs down.  This can more comfortable if you have lower back pain or feel uncomfortable with anything on your stomach


There is no right or wrong answer here!  It just depends on what your needs are with your baby carrier and which one you prefer the look of.  If you are in Brisbane, I also provide babywearing consultations where you can try them all to see which is the best fit (see more HERE),

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to pm me on Facebook or at

Enjoy those babywearing snuggles,

Certified Babywearing Consultant
Kangatraining Instructor