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  • Great Parts of a Second Pregnancy

Great Parts of a Second Pregnancy


Honestly I was always a bit worried about getting pregnant again as I knew having one child meant that I couldn’t just nap when I wanted or not cook dinner until I felt like it!  Plus there was still a little person who depended on me which meant despite how I was feeling, I still had to be her mum!  While some days (especially during the nausea stage), this might have been true but truthfully I am enjoying it a lot more!  As I am coming up to the third trimester I thought I would reflect on all the great parts of being pregnant this second time. 

Less stressful
Who would have thought this would be the case but this time around, it’s almost like a ‘been there, done that’ mentality.  I’m not reading hundreds of books (all with conflicting advice) and I don’t have the fear of the unknown (of labour and being a parent).  It was also nicer to feel belly bub earlier than with Emily as my placenta was at the front with her and I knew what I was looking for.

More Excitement
Having Miss 3 around has completely increased our excitement of having a new baby!  From random belly kisses and cuddles to her planning what she is going to teach or do with her, it is hard not to be caught up in her enthusiasm!

Going Quicker
Running around after Emily, running a business and day to day life has made the time fly by!  It really does feel like yesterday we were waiting for a couple of pink lines and now we are almost at the countdown to belly bub’s arrival.

Pregnancy as a whole actually feels easier!
I’m still uncomfortable at times but overall it does feel easier this time around!  Whether it is because I can’t stop and focus on how I’m feeling or because I am exercising more and generally healthier.  I also think knowing how quickly it goes, helps with those uncomfortable, skin growing times.  Truthfully most of the time, I don’t even know how far along I am and sometimes I even forget that I am pregnant until someone asks me how far along I am!  With it being easier, I notice that I focus on those special moments more like the kick games me and belly bub play!

More Appreciation for Emily
Once the morning sickness had stopped, Emily and I really have been spending quality time together and I think it’s because we both know that our one on one time will be less when belly bub comes.  I’ve really started to appreciate just what a wonderful and funny person she has become and I have been enjoying this time to be really present with her.  Plus I have gotten more cuddles (well belly bub has) which has been lovely!

Knowing how amazing having a baby is!
I think this is probably the biggest thing as I know how wonderful a baby is and how much I enjoy being a mama!  Yes, I remember the sleep deprievation and constant feeding/being held but truthfully I enjoyed the midnight feeds and all the cuddles.  They are especially meaningful as Emily becomes more independent and cuddles are harder to come by!

At times I do get a little scared of having two children however knowing that pregnancy has been easier than I expected can help with this!  Now I can’t wait until we are a little family of four and start a new babywearing journey!

Kylie Lau
Certified Babywearing Consultant
Kangatraining Instructor