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  • How to Reinforce a Front Carry in a Meh Dai or Half Buckle Baby Carrier

How to Reinforce a Front Carry in a Meh Dai or Half Buckle Baby Carrier

Babywearing Tip: How to Reinforce Your Front Carry with a Meh Dai or Half Buckle

When your baby is a newborn or little, tying the shoulder straps off under their legs means there is greater airflow and there’s no pressure on their developing spine or back muscles or on your boobs if you are prone to blocked ducts or mastitis.

Here’s me and my second when she was two weeks old. 

But once they are older, it can be so useful to reinforce your front carry.  Reinforcing it means spreading the shoulder straps across your baby’s bum.

So when and why would you reinforce your front carry?

WHEN to reinforce depends on a couple of factors – how big (weight and size wise) is your baby, how are their muscles and spine developing and how comfortable you feel.  Newborns and little babies don’t have the muscle or spine development to work against the pressure on their backs BUT if the carry is uncomfortable for you due to their size, you might want to decide for what is best for you both.  There is no right or wrong answer.

There are a few reasons WHY you would do this and the first is to help with weight distribution.  By spreading the shoulder straps across can help with how heavy your baby feels in the baby carrier.  With bigger babies and toddlers, this can make a huge difference and mean that those front cuddles continue for a lot longer!

You might also want to reinforce your front carry to help keep your baby more secure.  If they are a mover or wriggler, it keeps them in position with limited ability to move side to side.

The beauty of a meh dei or half buckle baby carrier is that you can use the straps as additional width for the seat!  While you can still achieve an optimal position (see more HERE) even if the carrier doesn’t go knee to knee when they are bigger, it feels more comfortable for you both when it does.  When you reinforce the carry, you spread the shoulder strap fabric from their knee so it means that fits them perfectly!  Again it helps with longer and more comfortable front carries.

Learning and mastering this carry also means that it is easier to do when they are in back carry!

So how do you do it?  Check out our instructional video below and don’t forget we have closed captions if you prefer.

I’ve used a Fidella FlyClick in this video but the steps can be transferred to most meh dai’s or half buckles.

I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any questions!


Certified Babywearing Consultant
Kangatraining Instructor