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  • Kangatraining – More Than a Mums and Bubs Fitness Class

Kangatraining – More Than a Mums and Bubs Fitness Class

Kangatraining is a mums and bubs fitness class but there is so much more to it than just exercise for mums.  Often it can be hard as a mum to just get out of the house and prioritising activities for you gets put down the bottom of our to-do lists.  I know how much organising goes into getting a baby (and yourself) out of the house as well just surviving on practically no sleep and keeping a little human cared for!  So if you do go out, you want it to be for a great reason and honestly Kangatraining really is amazing! 

  • Recover from pregnancy

We all know how much our bodies change with pregnancy but did you know that for we are in recovery for a significant time after baby is born (some studies have found up to a year).  This means that you can’t just jump into your old exercise routine as you are an increased risk of injury (see more HERE).  Kangatraining works from the inside out to strengthen all the muscles effected by pregnancy.

  • Great for all levels of fitness

Kangtraining is really for all levels of fitness as you can put in as much effort as you want (or are able at the time).  We have fundamentals, intermediate and advanced exercises so there is always something to work towards PLUS as your baby grows and so does your strength!  While it is low impact, you will certainly get your sweat on and the good muscle burn BUT you will also still be able to function as a mum.

  • Made for Mums

Each class has the same structure of warm up, core work, baby into carriers and we do our dance cardio, squats, arms, leg work, endurance, stretching and pelvic floor exercises.  After your first class, you know what to expect and all the exercises and dances are easy to follow!  I know how sleep deprivation, baby brain and life with a baby affects us all so I make sure each class caters for mum’s.

  • No need for a babysitter, creche or being distracted by your baby

Kangatraining is amazing as your baby is involved in the class either in exercises or playing and making friends and then once they are in the baby carrier, they are settled or sleepy.  Between separation anxiety, costs of a baby-sitter or creche and babies generally not liking being with anyone but primary caregivers it can make huge barriers for you exercising.  Most babies also won’t last long in a playpen or pram so there is regular distractions, baby becoming upset and a lot of stop/start which makes it hard to enjoy the class.  Babywearing is magic as being close to you makes them happy and you aren’t distracted  or worried about them.

  • Improves your physical, mental and emotional health

We all know the general health benefits of working out – better health, improved wellbeing and mood, increased energy, increased fitness and strength to name a few.   Add in all our physical and hormonal changes as well as the huge life adjustment of becoming a parent, exercise has even greater positive impacts.  Exercise helps restrengthen all those muscles affected by pregnancy, as well as reduce stress and help prevent or reduce postnatal depression and other mental health conditions.

  • Baby’s Naps are Sorted

We can spend so much time trying to get baby’s to sleep which can cause a lot of stress and angst!  And then as soon as we think it is all sorted BOOM a developmental leap or growth spurt or something happens and it’s back to square one!  Nearly all baby’s sleep in class with no stress from either of you, just the moving and grooving we do.  A lot of mum’s know even if their baby hasn’t sleep, they will at least get some shut eye in class.  If the force is strong with your baby and they don’t sleep in class, they usually have a great nap afterwards as they have been playing, watching and moving with you.

  • Supportive environment

A lot of women don’t workout because of fear of being judged and being a new mum we are very vulnerable so doing something new can produce a lot of anxiety.  But there’s no competition, comparison, shaming, judgement or anything else like that at Kangatraining.  We support each other as we are all living with the physical and emotional changes that come with being a mum.  My aim is to empower you to exercise because it feels good and because you and your baby enjoy coming to Kangatraining. Everyone is so welcoming and there is something so comforting being with other people experiencing similar things to you.

  • Meet other mum’s

Finding mummy friends is hard!  Personally I love Kangatraining as there isn’t the pressure of just socialising like a mother’s group.  You get to meet new mum’s and develop relationships at your own pace and you already have a few things in common.  A lot of mum’s catch up after class and have made lasting friendships.

  • Family friendly 

It can be hard to find activities for both or all your children!  Older siblings are more than welcome to come (my eldest comes) and I have a special activity corner just for them and often they make friends  and have a boogie with us as well.  Plus they are watching you and this is setting the foundation that movement and exercise is part of life.

  • We all get it

Sleep deprived? Haven’t showered? Covered in vomit or poo or both? Unsettled/Teething/Cranky baby? Baby brain? Struggling? WE ALL GET IT!  There is no need to worry about any of these things at Kangatraining!  The struggle is real and we all know so we can laugh, bond and support each other through these times.  Honestly getting out of the house is a massive achievement and trust me you will feel so much better coming, getting those endorphins and having a vent to all of us who are either in the same position or know what you are going through.

  • A safe way to return to exercise

Safety and recovery is our focus in Kangatraining.  All the exercises are made to help you get strong and increase your fitness while taking into account the changes from pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.  If you do have a common postnatal issue and have medical clearance to exercise, we can modify the workout even more to protect you from injury.  Pelvic floor, weakened muscles, neck/back pain, carpal tunnel, mastitis, knee pain are a few common issues that we cater for.

  • Something for You 

Self care and prioritising you often gets lost in baby, household, working, family and general life.  BUT doing something for you can help recharge your batteries, reduce your stress, feel good and create new energy reserves to help you manage whatever life (or the next wonder week) throws at you.

  • Do something that makes you feel more than just a mum

Becoming a mother can be so encompassing that we can easily lose our sense of self.  Having something that you do for you (even with your baby) helps to feel like you again and adjust to all the changes.  Even though our babies are with us, they are often asleep or happily playing so we get a chance to chat and just be ourselves.

  • Find your mama tribe 

We’ve lost our village so we need to make our own now but it can be hard to find like-minded mum’s!  Kangatraining is really my mama tribe and I love spending time each week with all you mum’s and adorable babies.

  • Your baby is happy

In 4 years of instructing, I’ve never meet a baby who hasn’t loved the class.  Yes sometimes they can get a bit unsettled in the floor work or getting into the baby carrier but that all stops once we start moving!  This makes working out easier as you know they are not only close but enjoy the class as much as you.

  • Learn about or get help with babywearing

You get a chance to discover the magic of babywearing and how easy it is to reduce your baby’s crying as well as get them to sleep!  I am a Certified Babywearing Consultant so if you are new to babywearing, I can provide you information and assist you on how to use a baby carrier.  If you already have a baby carrier, I can help you get the best fit out of your baby carrier.  And don’t worry if your baby hasn’t discovered their love of babywearing yet as I can give you lots of tips and tricks to help your baby love the baby carrier!

  • A reason to leave the house

It can be so easy to get stuck in the house with a baby and all the washing, cleaning, cooking that also comes with them!  Leaving the house can make such a difference to your mood and day!

If you haven’t already, just come and try Kangatraining!  Join a class anytime and for more info see HERE

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