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  • All about the Kokadi Flip and Tai Tai

All about the Kokadi Flip and Tai Tai


Kokadi make two amazing carriers – the Flip and Tai Tai.  Both carriers are great as they are adjustable for both you and your baby and support your baby in the optimal position once fitted correctly.  The Kokadi Flip is a full buckle carrier which means buckle shoulder and waist straps.  The Kokadi Tai Tai on the other hand is a half buckle where it is a buckle waist but has long shoulder straps that you tie off instead.

The amazing parts of ALL Kokadi baby carriers:

  • The back panel is made of woven wrap material! Not only does Kokadi have some exceptional designs, they are often super soft straight out of the box and woven wrap material moulds to your baby’s body so it is offers support and comfort.  This means that your baby is often happier as the carrier will fit THEM. babywearing-and-you-kokadi-baby-carrier-zic-zac-monochrome
  • It also has an adjustable seat to get the perfect fit for your baby. In order to achieve optimal positioning, you want the seat of the carrier to go from one knee crease to the other on your baby without over or under extending their legs and hips.  Kokadi has made it super easy to adjust the seat for your baby as it has velcro so you cinch the seat and it will stay in place via the velcro.
  • In both the Flip and Tai Tai, there is no pressure on your baby’s back therefore supporting the natural C of their spine. With the Flip, the shoulder straps clip into the waist belt rather than into the back panel and the Tai Tai is tied off under baby’s legs.
  • As the shoulder straps sit under baby’s legs, it also means that the carrier is a lot cooler as there is air flow on the sides.
  • There is also the option to adjust the neck support for your baby so it will fit them.
  • With both carriers, your baby can sit into the wrap fabric which means that you can sit them deeper if you have a little baby and want to shorten the back panel and this will also help with optimal positioning.
  • As you can sit the baby into the wrap back panel, it means that the waist belt sits higher on you making it more comfortable when you are sitting. Yay for breaks or eating!
  • The waist strap is wide and sturdy making it provide exceptional support and help with the weight distribution.

Now to the differences between the Kokadi Flip and Tai Tai!

kokadi-flip-zKokadi Flip:

  • Being a full buckle carrier can seem to be ‘less scary’ than tying off yourself as all you have to do is put it on, do up your back strap and then pull the shoulder straps forward getting the perfect tightness for you and your baby. 
  • The Flip is a really great carrier for small builds due to amount that you can tighten all the straps, however on the other side it make be harder to get the perfect fit for bigger builds. You can get strap extenders that will help.
  • In the Toddler and Preschool Sizes, you can also clip the shoulder straps into the back panel which can help with the weight distribution. While this does mean that there is added pressure on your child’s back, by the time they move into the larger sizes they have developed in their spine and back muscles.

kokadi-tai-tai-zKokadi Tai Tai:

  • This is a great family carrier as there is no adjusting the shoulder straps or back strap so it can go easily from one person to another.
  • As you cross the straps across you back, it also helps with weight distribution for the wearer.
  • This crossing of the straps is also great for slopping/narrow shoulders of the wearer. 
  • The Tai Tai is also a great carrier for men as they are often broader and don’t have the shoulder rotation in order to reach under their arm pits to pull the shoulder strap forward in a full buckle, with the Tai Tai and it’s long straps there is ample strap for anyone to reach back and get.
  • If your baby outgrows the seat, you can also bring the straps over their legs to add additional seat.

Click HERE to see our full range of Kokadi Baby Carriers.  If you are ever uncertain about which Kokadi baby carrier would be perfect for your family, please contact me (


Kylie Lau
Certified Babywearing Consultant
Kangatraining Instructor