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  • Our Experience With Newborn Baby Carriers

Our Experience With Newborn Baby Carriers

Our Experience with Newborn Baby Carriers with our latest addition, Isla.  We had such a different babywearing journey with our first.  As we had no idea about babywearing and struggled to find a suitable baby carrier, we missed out on the lovely newborn babywearing phase.  It wasn’t until she was about 4 months that we really discovered babywearing. This time around, we started babywearing our newborn at 3 days old.  She was so tiny and a lot more floppy compared to my first so making sure she  was well supported was a priority.  These photos were taken around the 2 week mark (see how sleep deprieved we were haha) with the ‘newborn’ phase being 28 days.  Isla was about 3.9kg and 53cm in the photos.

It is a common question from families about which is the ‘best’ newborn baby carrier.   To be honest,  there is no right or wrong baby carrier as long as it is a safe baby carrier (see more about Babywearing Safety HERE ).  As you can see in our photos, different brands and baby carrier types fit us differently.  To help you find your carrier, I will go through our experience of each brand and type.  All of the baby carriers we used did not require an infant insert as they could be adjusted to her and her newborn anatomy.  They all allowed for optimal positioning for her and had great adjustment options for me.

Kokadi Flip      (full buckle / soft structured baby carrier)
The Flip is such an amazing newborn baby carrier and one that I reached for a lot in those early days.  It is easy to use and with a simple adjustment of the seat (velcro adjustment) it fit her perfectly.  Being made from woven wrap material it was soft and beautiful!  It was cooler with the air flow on the sides and there was also no pressure on my boobs which was great.  I did need to make sure that sitting baby’s bum down into the fabric to ensure the back panel is not too high and there was slightly more weight distributed into my shoulders.

Kokadi Tai Tai      (Half Buckle Baby Carrier)
With the tie off shoulder straps, this was my husband’s favourite baby carrier with Isla.  It’s a great family carrier as there is no fiddling with straps between wearers as you each tighten and tie off to get the perfect fit.  Like the Flip, the seat can be adjusted via the velcro and it is also made from their gorgeous, soft woven wrap fabric.  There is a little bit more of a learning curve getting the tightness perfect but once mastered it is easy and quick to use but the straps are also easy to grab if you don’t have a lot of shoulder rotation.  With the crossed straps, there is even better weight distribution.  Again it was cooler due to the side access of airflow and we could position her lower into the back panel to make it shorter and suitable height for her.

Emeibaby      (full buckle / soft structured baby carrier)
Emeibaby is a combination of a woven wrap, ring sling and full buckle baby carrier without the learning curve.  As you make the seat by pulling the fabric through the rings, it does take a little longer first adjustment but this allows great positioning for your baby now and as they grow.  You can also use it from 3kg which is one the the smallest minimum weight requirement.  The Emeibaby was super comfortable although there was slight pressure on my boob where the shoulder straps met.  I loved her position in this carrier which you can see in the middle picture.

Woven Wrap      (we are using a Yaro 100% cotton)
With her sleepy newborn stage, the woven wrap was super useful in wrapping her to me when she was already asleep.  I would often use the Kangaroo Carry so that it wouldn’t disturb her and I could do things!  Being a woven wrap, there is a little bit of a learning curve in mastering it.  On the upside as you wrap to them and you, it is a perfect fit each time.

Soul AnoonA      (full buckle/soft structured carrier)
I was excited about using the AnoonA which you can start once your baby is 3.2kg.  It has the option to cross or have straight shoulder straps which is great and it is easy to put on and tighten.  It has two heights for the back panel, 3 seat settings and you can also use the straps on the back panel to get an even better seat and fit for your baby.  I found it useful to adjust these straps when she was in for a better fit.  It was lovely and cool (and you can get it in linen).  There is some pressure on her back as the shoulder straps attach to the back panel but Isla didn’t mind and it had lots of sleepy dust.

Fidella Flytai      (meh dai)
It was in the Flytai that I first wore Isla for over an hour as it was so comfortable.  Between the softly padded waist belt and shoulder straps that crossed for better weight distribution, it was such a snuggly carrier.  With a meh dai, you have tie off waist and shoulder straps so it is an easy shared carrier.   And once you master tightening, it is a quick option.  The other amazing part was as the waist belt wasn’t so structured, it was a great carrier that I could sit down in!

Fidella Fusion      (Full Buckle / Soft Structured Baby Carrier)
This was the first baby carrier that we used with Isla.  The soft padded waist belt was so comfortable on my still present belly.  And as you can adjust it in height, width and neck support it had a great fit for Isla as well.  So easy to easy to use and you can clip the shoulder straps into the waist belt so there is no pressure on her developing spine.  Good airflow down the side and there was no pressure on my boobs.

Manduca      (full buckle / soft structured baby carrier)
Manduca was the first baby carrier that I really understood how comfortable babywearing could be back when I was wearing my first.  It was still super comfortable with Isla.  I used the Manduca with the Size It to make the seat smaller for Isla.  Personally I prefer the fit this way rather than using the inbuilt insert but both work with a newborn.  Isla was a long baby so I kept the back panel open but you can also zip it up to make the panel smaller.  With the Manduca, you can also cross the straps or keep them straight so they are comfortable to all wearers.  The back panel is made from canvas so not as soft or moldable as woven wrap fabric but still a great fit for your baby.

Ring Sling      (we are wearing a Didymos Lisca 100% cotton woven wrap)
We weren’t as organised with these photos as her 2 week growth spurt kicked and I don’t remember much after that haha!  Personally I didn’t reach for the ring sling much as with a dodgy neck and so early in those postpartum days it wasn’t as comfortable as the other carriers.  For some people, they love the ring sling and it definitely allows for optimal positioning.  There is a little bit of a learning curve but once mastered it is a quick option.  Isla loved it as she could see easier and she feel asleep about 1 minute after these photos.

Newborn babywearing is so wonderful!  If you have any questions about our experience or these baby carriers please email me at

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Kylie xx

Kangatraining Instructor
Certified Babywearing Consultant