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  • Newborn Babywearing with Isla

Newborn Babywearing with Isla

Newborn babywearing is such a beautiful way to bond and survive the difficult transition of becoming a parent (even if they are your second or your tenth).  For most of my pregnancy, I had stopped wearing my eldest as she was 4 years old and about 17kg so I was looking forward to starting a new babywearing journey with my second girl!  There is something so special about babywearing a newborn and for me it also helped with the transition from one child to two.   We never wore my first, Emily, at the newborn stage as I wasn’t happy with our first baby carrier (not comfortable and optimal positioning wasn’t achievable).  Due to this, there was a bit of a learning curve in terms of my physical considerations following labour and pregnancy and ensuring that she was in a safe position and taking account of her anatomy as a newborn.

I started wearing Isla at 3 days old and honestly I was surprised at the amount of effort it took.  In those early postpartum days, there is so much going on from hormones, milk coming in and recovering from birth and pregnancy; it’s important to listen to your body (and your health professional).  I only managed 15 minutes but it was enough.  Slowly I built up my time babywearing but honestly at this newborn stage my average was about 30 minutes unless we were sitting down.  Often that was all she would allow when she was in her cluster feeding all the time anyway!

Going from wearing a 4 year old to a newborn with all her floppiness, curved spine and limited head control was a bit of a transition.  I really had to ensure that I (when putting her in and out of the baby carrier) and the baby carrier itself provided support for her back and head/neck so she was comfortable and safe at all times.  We only used baby carriers that could be adjusted for her even as a newborn to ensure she was in an optimal position.  For more about babywearing safety and optimal positioning see here

Considering the newborn period is only the first 28 days of life, it really did benefit us massively to wear her as much as we did.  The biggest benefits of newborn babywearing with Isla was that it was such a nice way to bond for me (not to be just a feeding station) and for my husband to also develop a relationship and bond with her and help me out, she rarely cried and was easy to settle, it helped with my dodgy neck and back as I wasn’t carrying her in arms all the time and most importantly, I could still play and be more present with Emily.  

Having a new baby is amazingly special and totally exhausting and overwhelming – you can see how sleep deprived we all were in the photos.  It really did help us to be able to wear her and survive the forth trimester.

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Kylie Lau
Certified Babywearing Consultant
Kangatraining Instructor