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  • Our Experience of Preschool Baby Carriers

Our Experience of Preschool Baby Carriers


When I first started babywearing with my daughter, I never expected our babywearing journey to last so long!  There is no way we would have lasted to 3.5 years old without a preschool baby carrier and to make it even better, it is still a bonding and special time for us both.  Babywearing became a pivotal parenting tool during her 4 month sleep progression (this is my positive spin which helped me get through it and it was exciting that she could sit afterwards).  At that time the only way she would sleep was in the carrier when I was either busting a move to Missy Elliot (don’t ask me why) or doing tons and tons of squats and lunges!  From there, we discovered Kangatraining and so our babywearing journey became a part of our work and home life.  

Considering I have a dodgy back (from a car accident when I was 11years old), I never expected to still be wearing my daughter who is half my size and weighs 15kg (although some days she feels like 50kg).  One of the reasons I was able to wear her so long was because I found carriers that fit us and help distribute her weight evenly plus back carry was my answer!

While not everyone’s babywearing journey may last so long but in case you are looking at upgrading to a preschool carrier, I’ve done this article to provide you more information about my favourite preschool carriers and how they fit us now.  You will probably notice that each carrier fits us slightly differently and some are easier and more comfortable than others for us.  If you are looking to upgrade I would highly recommend trying them before you buy as each child/wear combination is different.  You can always try them in a babywearing consultation or at a babywearing meet in your local area.

Emeibaby Toddler Size

For the past year, this has been our carrier of choice as Emily loves the colours and we both love the fit.  As you can extend the seat, she still fits knee to knee which helps distribute her weight evenly and she has lots of room to grow.  The perfect fit adjusters also allow for a high back carry and she is nice and tight against my back.  Plus, she still falls asleep in this carrier when we wear for extended periods of time.

Emeibaby Toddler Size Details: Suitable from approximately 1 year old to 18kg (4+ years).  Emeibaby is an innovative design combining all the benefits and features of a woven wrap, ring sling and full buckle carrier.  It is made from woven wrap material and the back panel and seat is threaded through rings in order to make the seat adjustable as your baby grows.


Kokadi Flip and Tai Tai Preschool Size:

We love the Tai Tai Preschool Size and used it all the time when Emily was 2-3 years as it was great in Kangatraining when Emily wanted to see what was going on.  I loved being able to cross the straps in the front carry which helped with better weight distribution across my back.  You do need strength and coordination to pull the straps tight with a heavier child like Emily but it is easier to reach for due to the long straps.  The Preschool Flip allows for a nice and high back carry and she still gets good positioning in it.  The Toddler Flip was our first upgrade into the toddler carriers and we then moved onto the Preschool size and I found it really great to use as a smaller build as it would get tight enough so it didn’t slip down and she stayed positioned nice and high.

Kokadi Flip and Tai Tai Preschool Size Details: Suitable from about 2 years to 15kg (3+ years).   The width of the panel is 52cm and the Size of the Back is 43cm.  Both the Flip and Tai Tai have an adjustable seat which allows for your toddler to be knee to knee as they grow.  The woven wrap material moulds to your baby and is nice and cool in summer.

The Flip has two options for connecting the shoulder straps, one option is into the waist belt so there is no pressure on your child’s back or the other option is to connect to the back panel which allows for better weight distribution for the wearer.

The Tai Tai is a half buckle carrier so you can tie off the shoulder straps either under your toddler’s legs or over their legs for extra support or to add to their seat.  With the tie off shoulder straps, there is also no need to readjust the straps for different wearers.


Fidella Fly-Tai and Fusion Toddler Size:

I’ve included Fidella even though they are ‘toddler size’ as they are quite big and the Fly-Tai actually goes to 30kg which is one of the highest weight restriction for baby carriers on the market.  Emily has always had a preference for full buckle carriers so we only really used the Fly-Tai at markets when she would be tired and cranky from a full day and just wanted to sleep on my front.  The Fly-Tai was always super comfortable and being able to cross the straps and spread them out always helped with a heavy child!  While we didn’t wear the Fusion all the time (Emily has always had her special carriers based on colours – yep even at 2!), every time that we did use it, I was always impressed by how comfortable it was and having two places to pull the straps made it easier with her and gave more options for us.

Fidella Fly-tai and Fusion Details:  Both the Fly-tai and Fusion have a seat width that goes to 45cm and the backpanel height is 48cm and you can adjust both to get a good fit for your baby and expand as they grow.  The Fly-Tai is suitable from 1 year to 18 months to 30kg (5+ years) and the Fusion is suitable from 1 year to 18 months to 15kg (3+ years).

The Fly-Tai is Fidella’s version of a Meh Dai and you can use the shoulder straps as additional reinforcement and to add to your child’s seat once they are no longer knee to knee.  With additional padding on the shoulder and waist straps, it is comfortable for the wearer and child.

The Fusion is Fidella’s version of a Full Buckle Carrier and has two options for attaching the shoulder straps.  One option is into the waist belt so there is no pressure on your child’s back or the other option is to connect to the back panel which allows for better weight distribution for the wearer.


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Kylie Lau
Certified Babywearing Consultant
Kangatraining Instructor