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  • Pregnancy Belly Wrapping With a Woven Wrap Baby Carrier

Pregnancy Belly Wrapping With a Woven Wrap Baby Carrier

Pregnancy belly wrapping is a great option to give you some respite in the third trimester!  And even better, you can practice with your woven wrap baby carrier before bub’s arrives.  To see more about the benefits and considerations of belly wrapping in pregnancy head HERE

There are a few different techinques on how to wrap your belly while you are pregnant.  They depend on where you want your support (eg hips, taking the weight of your belly) and the length of your woven wrap.  At the end of the day, do what feels comfortable for you!  I’ve included my two favourite methods below – an easy belly wrapping method (cause let’s not make things complicated) and the fancier (and prettier) sweetheart finish.  Don’t forget to take advantage of our closed captions.

Easy Belly Wrapping Method

This is a great method to start as it’s super easy, is suitable for any size wrap and gives you a great feel for how your wrap moves, tightens and how to tie off.  All super important for when you are going to be wrapping your baby when they arrive.

If you have a smaller wrap, you can also tie off after going around your bump once.  You can tie off either the side or back depending on what’s more comfortable for you.


Belly Wrapping with a Sweetheart Finish

Want a belly wrapping method that’s a little bit prettier/fancier?  The sweetheart finish looks lovely and is also a great introduction into the different ways that you can tie off the woven wrap once bub arrives.  This is a little harder than the easy pregnancy belly wrapping method but it’s great practice for wrapping.

If you have any questions about belly wrapping in pregnancy using your woven wrap, let me know either via pm or at

To see our full range of woven wraps head HERE

Enjoy that pregnancy respite!

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