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  • Pregnant Belly Wrapping with a Stretchy Wrap

Pregnant Belly Wrapping with a Stretchy Wrap

Pregnancy belly wrapping is a great option to give you some respite in the third trimester!  And even better, you can practice with your stretchy wrap baby carrier before bub’s arrives.  To see more about the benefits and considerations of belly wrapping in pregnancy head HERE

A stretchy wrap is a great baby carrier to provide support while pregnant and as a belly wrapping tool.  Not only does it provide flexible support, it is long enough that you can wrap your belly in so many different ways!  From an easy wrap around your belly to including your shoulders for good posture, there are options for every body (and ache).

Personally my posture isn’t great so I’ve filmed an instructional video on my favourite method.  Don’t forget to take advantage of our closed captions.

Pregnancy Belly Wrapping with a Stretchy Wrap

If you have any questions about belly wrapping in pregnancy using your stretchy wrap, let me know either via pm or at

To see our full range of stretchy wraps head HERE 

Enjoy that pregnancy respite!

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