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  • Preparing For Our Second Babywearing Journey

Preparing For Our Second Babywearing Journey


I am so excited about baby #2 joining soon and one of the big parts that I am looking forward to is being able to start a new babywearing journey with her.  When I think back to the start of my babywearing journey with my first, it was full of confusion and numerus baby carriers that didn’t fit me very well.  This resulted in a lot of money trying to find the perfect one and lost time (and painful arms) when I didn’t use this amazing tool.   Despite a bumpy start, our babywearing journey lasted almost 4 years and really only came to an end due to pregnancy and that she is now 17kg and half my size!

Confidence and Comfort
I feel so much more confident and informed about babywearing this time around!  To be honest, I only started wearing my first when she was 2-3 months old as I could not get our first carrier comfortable. I love knowing that I can wear this snuggly newborn straight away and have all our options that can be adjusted to us both to ensure optimal positioning and comfort.  Babywearing will definitely help us adjust to be a family of 4 as well as provide opportunity to pay attention to my oldest while keeping baby near.

Pregnancy Belly Wrapping
If you have seen me, I grow decent size babies and tend to be all ‘front loading’ plus add in a lower placed baby and belly wrapping has been my saviour!  Using my woven wrap, I wrap my belly (gently) which provides support for my belly, hips and back along with stabilising all those loose joints (thank you to the hormone relaxin).  Not only that, it has also been useful to break in my wrap and get used to it’s wrapping qualities before baby girl arrives.

Tandem Wearing
My 4 year old daughter brought this up to me the other day as I was talking about Kangatraining and what that will mean for the three of us.  Even though we have stopped babywearing while I’ve been pregnant, she did state that she wanted to be worn on my back with her sister on the front!!  Considering that she is 17kg and half my size, this probably won’t be a possibility for me especially in those earlier months to ensure that my pelvic floor recovers and to make sure I don’t over-extend my joints with the relaxin in my body.

While I would love to tandem wear them both and definitely would have if she was younger, I think this time I will just listen to my body.  I do miss her babywearing cuddles though!

Daddy Babywearing
My husband loved babywearing our first and is especially excited to wear our second as well.  While I have prepared him that he may be wearing our first a lot especially when she sees her sister in the carrier.  He loved the Manduca and I have also gotten a Kokadi Tai Tai especially for us to share as the tie off shoulder straps make it easy for him to put on by himself.  With him wearing, it will also provide some much needed time off for me and help develop their bond!

Now we are all prepared and considered all our options, the waiting game is on until Baby #2 makes her entrance to the world!

Kylie Lau
Certified Babywearing Consultant
Kangatraining Instructor