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What Is Special About The Emeibaby Baby Carrier


Emeibaby is starting to get more well known in Australia and is getting the praise that it deserves.  As it is one of my favourite carriers and is our current go to carrier (toddler size) for Miss 3.5 years in Kangatraining, I love that it is getting recognition!  I love it because it still goes knee to knee for my daughter which helps distribute the weight, the shoulder and waist straps go tight enough so I can wear her in a high back carry comfortably. For someone that has had a bad back since being in a car accident, this is no small feat as I never had planned on wearing my girl for so long but it is still special and comfortable for us, so we are both happy!  It gets the seal of approval from Miss 3.5 as it is ‘soft’ and ‘our rainbow carrier’.

The Emeibaby is also my ‘go to’ carrier, if a baby hasn’t realised that they love baby wearing yet.   This can happen at times when a baby hasn’t realised the magic of babywearing and the fact that it allows for them to be close and happy with their caregiver.  Something about the fit and positioning makes every baby happy (and often sleepy).  For baby’s that scream in all other carriers and their parents are about to give up on babywearing, the Emeibaby can be their saviour baby carrier.

So what is so special about the Emeibaby?

I believe it is due to the innovative design of the Emeibaby that makes it amazing!  It combines all the benefits and features of a woven wrap, ring sling and full buckle carrier without the skill level or learning time required.  While it can seem a little daunting with the seat adjustment, most people master it after the first try!  Made from woven wrap material, the back panel and seat is threaded through rings attached to the shoulder straps which allows the seat to be adjusted as your baby grows.  It also has buckles for the waist and shoulder straps to get a great fit for all body shapes.  Emeibaby was designed by a mum who struggled with a woven wrap and loved soft structured carriers however found that they did not fit her baby and so decided to find a great middle ground.

This Emeibaby design also allows for optimal positioning of your baby for healthy and natural hip and spine development.  There is no pressure on your baby’s back as the seat connects up to the shoulder straps rather than connecting to the back panel.  This means that your baby doesn’t have pressure on their immature back muscles and their spine is in its natural, rounded position.

The Emeibaby baby carrier is also one of the longest lasting baby carriers for optimal positioning due to the ability to extend the seat width making it perfect from newborn to toddler and beyond (weight restriction is to 15kg so would still fit my 3.5 year old).  The minimum weight restriction is 3kg which means that if your baby is smaller than you can start using it before the usual 3.5kg minimum of the majority of other carriers.

Features of the Emeibaby Baby Carrier:

  • Custom fit to YOUR baby
  • Allows for optimal positioning by achieving the ‘M Position’ of high knees, lower bum, supported and rounded back
  • Hood provides additional head and neck support
  • Shoulder, Waist and back/chest straps have buckles for easy use
  • Curved and padded waist belt for ultimate comfort
  • Woven Wrap material made from 100% organic cotton. In the Full option, the woven wrap material goes all over the carrier including the shoulder and waist belt whereas the Half option has woven wrap material on the back panel, seat and hood and cotton twill on the shoulder and waist straps.
  • Rings are attached to the back panel and seat so you can extend or reduce the seat for your baby. This is a simple process that is only required when your baby grows and the material no longer goes knee crease to knee crease.
  • Adjust to your baby as they grow (which happens regularly in their first year and beyond)
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 for foam shoulders
  • Received ‘Very Good’ rating from the Oko-Test which is one of the best rating for baby carriers

Emeibaby baby carrier comes in two sizes STANDARD and TODDLER.  Standard fits wonderfully from birth (3kg minimum) to 2-3 years and maximum of 15kg.  The Toddler fits from 1 year to 18 months until 4+ years and maximum of 18kg.

For Emeibaby’s Instructional Video: Emeibaby Instructional Video

If you have any questions about Emeibaby, please contact me on

Kylie Lau
Kangatraining Instructor
Approved Babywearing Consultant