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  • Toddler and Preschool Babywearing: Getting the Most out of Your Current Carrier

Toddler and Preschool Babywearing: Getting the Most out of Your Current Carrier

Toddler and Preschool Babywearing is just as wonderful as wearing a baby!  While you might have noticed that your child is getting bigger, it doesn’t mean you need to upgrade your baby carrier (see more in our article Toddler and Preschool Carriers: Do I need one?).  So if you do decide to continue with your current baby carrier, here are some options to make it as comfortable as possible!

Learn to Back Carry
Back carry is amazing when your baby gets too heavy for you to wear on your front!  Not only does it feel more comfortable, a nice back carry also means that you can share your world easier, enjoy more activities such as hiking and my favourite part is using back carry when I am touched out but my toddler NEEDS contact.  Having them on your back means that your front is free and it is wonderful as both your needs are being met!

A Deep Seat Still Helps
Even if your baby is no longer knee to knee with the carrier width, making sure they still have a deep seat can help distribute their weight better (as there is less dangling legs).  Making sure their bum is in the back panel rather than above it and a pelvic tuck helps with this!

 You can see her bum is lower than her knees and is sitting into the back panel.  

 Even though she isn’t knee to knee, it still feels comfortable for us both.

Use the hood for Extra Back Panel
If your baby is quite tall, you might notice that the back panel doesn’t come up very high anymore.  As long as it comes up to their arm pit, they are safe (anything lower is a falls risk) but they can often feel heavier as they have the ability to lean more which affects your centre of gravity.  But by using the hood, you can extend the height of the back panel!

You can either fold, roll or cinch the hood depending on the type of carrier you have.

 Thanks to Em from Kangatraining Padbury, Greenwood and Surrounds for this picture!  You can see she has cinched the hood and attached it to create more back panel.

Extend the Seat
Some baby carriers such as Tula, Manduca and Beco have add-ons to extend the seat of your baby carrier which can make them last longer and feel more comfortable.  Other baby carrier types such as a meh dai or half buckle, you can use the straps to go over your child’s legs to add additional leg support and extend the seat.

 You can see that I’ve made the strap go over her legs at her knee which has extended the seat (we are using a Kokadi Tai Tai Baby Size).

I hope that helps your baby carrier last for as long as possible!  If you do decide to upgrade, check out our article My Favourite Toddler & Preschool Baby Carriers 

Enjoy those babywearing snuggles,

Certified Babywearing Consultant
Kangatraining Instructor