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  • My Top Baby Carriers for Summer

My Top Baby Carriers for Summer

Find your coolest babywearing option for summer!

My Top Baby Carriers For Summer

It has been warming up in Brisbane and summer is definitely on it’s way!  A common question that comes up is which carrier is coolest for the wearer and baby and in this article I will go through my favourite carriers for our hot summers.  You can’t escape the heat especially while babywearing due to the body contact but there are few options that are cooler than others.  Personally I find that babywearing is easier and less strenuous than carrying in arms and my girls were never the type to let me not carry them!

Ankalia Go and Ring Slings

Ankalia are not only Australian made but they are also made from linen fabrics that are suitable for our hot climate. Linen is an amazing material that is wicks moisture away from your baby and has high air permeability which means that air can flow through the fabric and allows the body to breathe.

In the Go baby carrier (full buckle) they are available in a cotton/linen blend.  And in their ring slings, they are 100% linen but oh so soft.


Tula Coast

The Coast option is great for Summer days as it has a mesh section in the back panel.  This allows for air flow straight to your baby to keep them cool and comfortable in hot weather.

Tula’s Free to Grow and Explore is also made of breathable and light weight Twill so you as the wearer don’t feel the heat as much.  The Toddler Size is perfect for back carry which is a cooler carry option.


Kokadi Flip Performance Air

Made from woven wrap material (which is cooler and more breathable than canvas material).  The Flip can also be clipped into the waist belt  which means there is airflow along the sides of the carrier.

And the ultimate is the Kokadi’s Performance Air Flip which has the option for the back panel to be zipped off revealing mesh for a cooler option and and a mesh hood for better air flow for your baby.

Yaro Ring Slings and Woven Wraps

Yaro has numerous linen blends in both their ring slings and woven wraps.  Ring Slings are an excellent option for summer as there is one layer across your baby and limited material across you.

With woven wraps, you can also choose your carry to be cooler eg one layer carries, a ruck or kangaroo carry has great air flow along the sides of the wearer.  A thinner wrap (lower gsm) in cotton can also be a great summer option as it is thinner, also breathable and doesn’t feel heavy to the wearer.


Fidella Fusion 

The Fidella Fusion comes in a baby and toddler size and is a full buckle baby carrier.  While this carrier doesn’t have mesh included, it is made from woven wrap material so breathes easily and is super soft.  The other great feature is that the padding isn’t as thick so doesn’t feel as hot around the waist and shoulders for you!  Plus you have two shoulder strap connection points and if you pick the lowest option (into the bottom of the back panel) there is better airflow on the sides for you both.

Ergobaby Mesh

The Ergobaby Mesh comes in the Adapt and Omni baby carriers and has a mesh component in the back panel and shoulder straps allowing for more airflow for you both.   Both allow for back carry (once your baby is developmentally ready) which is again cooler.

With the Ergobaby Omni, you can also wear on your hip so they are off your core a little bit more.


I also wanted to mention MEH DAI & HALF BUCKLES as while they aren’t specifically made for Summer like the above baby carriers – they are a great option as well!  Made from woven wrap fabric (which is generally cooler than canvas), the straps can be tied off under your baby’s bum which means there is complete airflow through the sides.


Babywearing is always an amazing parenting tool regardless of the weather or season so enjoy those babywearing cuddles!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at and click to see our current range of Summer baby carriers head HERE

Kylie Lau
Certified Babywearing Consultant
Kangatraining Instructor