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  • Tula Explore Vs Tula Free to Grow Baby Carriers

Tula Explore Vs Tula Free to Grow Baby Carriers

Choosing a baby carrier can be a tough decision especially when Tula have released two amazing designs; the Tula Explore and the Tula Free-To-Grow (FTG).  So which is the one for you?  If you can’t go and try one in person either at a babywearing meet, an open day with an online store or with a babywearing consultant, I’ve gone through the similarities and differences below to help you decide.

From Baby to Toddler
Both the FTG and Explore are suitable from newborn (3.2kg) up to toddler (20kg).  Both are the same width but the FTG back panel reduces in height by a further 6cm (FTG 28cm vs Explore 34cm) so it will fit a newborn or smaller baby better.

  Fully Extended 

 Back Panel Height Reduced

 Carry Positions
The FTG you can wear your baby in a front carry or a back carry.
The Explore you can wear your baby in a front carry, back carry and forward facing.

Us in the Tula Free to Grow


In the Tula Explore


Fabric Designs
Currently there are far more fabric designs in the FTG than the Explore.  Both Explore is catching up and have also released Coast designs.  Coast has a mesh part in the back panel which makes it a cooler baby carrier option in hot weather.  But even though their fabric designs differ, they still come from Tula which is a leader in funky, colourful and fun baby carrier patterns so there will be something for every family.

Fit for You
All the strap measurements and adjustment options are the same which means both will fit a range of body types.  It is individual preference in terms of comfort and fit for you.  Personally I found the Explore slightly more comfortable when I had the back panel height adjustment down.  This was because the Explore height is adjusted by a pillow which can be put up or down whereas the FTG you tighten the front straps down which slightly affects the length of the padded part of the shoulder straps.


The Tula Explore padded straps come slightly further down which I find more comfortable

Fit for Your Baby
Both can be adjusted in terms of width and height of the back panel so your baby is comfortable and in the optimal position now and as they grow.  They have 3 settings of the width and as mentioned above the height is either with the pillow placement (Explore) or by pulling down the front straps to shorten the back panel (FTG).

They both have similar padding for the wearer but the Explore has slightly more padding and structure in the back panel due to the forward facing option.  This means that it won’t mold exactly to your baby like the FTG does and you may need to utilise the pelvic tilt for your baby to ensure that their bum is down and knees are higher to make the ‘M Position’.

 Tula Explore Padding 



You can see that the Tula Free to Grow is just material scrunched where as the Tula Explore is a bit more structured.




The Explore is slightly more expensive than the FTG option so this could be another consideration for your family.  Currently the RRP for the Explore is $299 whereas the FTG is $259.

So how to decide?  I think it comes down to whether or not you want the forward facing option but there is no right or wrong here as they both are AMAZING baby carriers!

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Kylie x

Certified Babywearing Consultant
Kangatraining Instructor