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  • YOUR Favourite Benefits of Babywearing

YOUR Favourite Benefits of Babywearing


The other day my eldest who is now 6 and I were talking about babywearing.  She has been worn by me for the first 3.5 years of her life, had been part of Kangatraining with me for the past 5 years and has seen her sister be worn from day 3 until now.  As comes with the curiosity of youth, she asked me why I babywear.

Of course, all the usual benefits from research came to mind (you know less crying, easier sleep, bonding and attachment, promoting cognitive/social/linguistics/physical development and being hands free etc) but she doesn’t care about that.

So I really thought about it, and my answer was being able to hold her hand while I carried Isla.  She smiled and told me that she still remembers being worn and these were our “special cuddles”.

It really made me think about the way that babywearing helps us as families in our day to day life and often these are the most important (and fun) reasons why we use a baby carrier!


Thank you to all the families that shared their experiences and pictures to bring life to this article!


These are YOUR Favourite Babywearing Benefits:


“Exploring the world with my little one when little legs get tired is my favourite babywearing benefit 💚” – Tanya


“Being able to walk two dogs and bubs!”


“There is so much to do when you have children from activities, shopping, washing, cleaning, trying to maintain some sort of social life and babywearing helps to do all those things!” – Mary


“Oh I could answer this question so many times over! But I love more than anything how Babywearing allows me to explore the world easily with my baby, all the while keeping them close, where they are most comfortable.”  – Claire


“For when Koala babies are even more koala-clingy than normal. That separation anxiety is intense but made SO much easier thanks to my baby carrier 😍 I can still function and move and walk thanks to this beautiful thing.” – Matilde-Rose


“Babywearing allows me the freedom (and spare hands) to still ac actively explore with my older son, and his best friends lol. ” – Danielle



“Friends! It’s a huge benefit to bounce ideas off other babywearing Mums if you’re stuck with a carry or catch up on the latest wrap release! I have amazing women in my life who support each other.” – Sarah



“Babywearing means I can meet my baby/toddler’s need for comfort, security, warmth, love and nutrition anytime, anywhere while also not missing out on doing anything or going anywhere!” – Tiffany



“Literally a life saver for us. Reflux and food intolerance bubba with 3 other kids to look after. Could not survive without baby wearing.” – Angela


“My favourite babywearing benefit is not having to pull a pram in and out the car and snuggling my bub.” – May


“My husband works long hours and we have limited family support so babywearing helps me get the day to day necessities done without tears!” – Alison


“Babywearing allows me to care for a sick newborn, 3 year old and myself with little stress. The babies just need to sleep it out and babywearing is helping to let that happen.” – Emily


“My youngest daughter had a severe blood condition. It meant frequent hospitalisations, lots of procedures, and generally needed big cuddles. Babywearing helped me achieve that ❤️” – Jamie


“Probably the best benefit of baby wearing at the moment for me is being able to get up 3 flights of stairs with mr 1 y/o on me and mr 2 y/o whilst carrying laundry/groceries/rubbish and growing mr 3…” – Kimberley


“Being able to snuggle my littlest, and still do fun activities with my older kids. And being able to take Bub places that the pram can’t go. 😊” – Kirsty




“Babywearing has so many benefits! I can’t choose a favourite… I love the selfies we can take together, handsfree time and the snuggles!! 😍” – Yuen 


” Being able to still take mr 3 to the beach and let him swim. 2 hands free means i can catch him if he falls in the water. And mr 8 months can have his morning nap in the meantime 😊” – Hannah 


“Giving comfort to my littlest love when she is struggling with Toddlerlife and teething. Being able to feed to sleep in the wrap is a close second 😍” – Samantha


“Baby wearing allows me to comfort my new baby and attend or my other children so they all feel included . Oh and help keep me sane so I can drink my coffee hot ☕️  It helps us in times of distress.” – Kez


“My favourite babywearing benefit is being able to pick (and eat) strawberries straight from the farm😋The kids can’t have all the fun right?!😂” – Sarah


“The best thing about babywearing is that I get to be so close to my darling daughter. To forge such a special close relationship while still being able to get out and about has been a true blessing.” – Josephine


“Our first time ever baby wearing, having a non sleeping baby who still doesn’t sleep now at 7 months baby wearing was a life saver. Not only does he sleep in it but still give me to closeness that I’m used too and get things done for myself. Now to learn how to use the ring sling 🤔” – Karlie


My favourite babywearing benefit is being able to hold my children and still be able to get things done. This pic was taken grocery shopping while my toddler slept.” – Emma


“Our baby doesn’t miss out on family moments and photos, even when she is snoring 😴 We love to wear her and keep her close to our bodies and our kisses xx” – Claire


“One of the best benefits is being able to still have fun with my toddler, being unrestricted and having my newborn nice and close & protected.” – Peta


“Babywearing is sometimes the only way I can get my very active toddler to settle, breastfeed and have a snooze during the day 💗” – Alice


“I love being able to go on walks with hubby and the kids in places that are inaccessible with a pram. The snuggles are pretty cool too” – Catherine


“My favourite babywearing benefit is getting my daughter to sleep. Sometimes a carrier is the only way!” – Kylie



“Biggest benefit is being able to get around Italy and England with two young kiddies relatively hassle (and hands) free!” – Danielle



“The handsfree freedom, baby cuddles, easy feeding and magic sleepy dust! We LOVE babywearing. And that’s my 10 year old niece who just couldn’t resist the cuddles and she managed to get Kayla to sleep too 😍” – Paola


“My favourite babywearing benefit is the ability to wear my youngest while running an art and craft class for little ones. I can do this with my other two little ones and normalise babywearing for other parents.” – Ness


“My favourite babywearing benefit is keeping my princess happy and close even as she gets bigger. Cant wait to tandem wear and have both babies happy and both hands free when belly bub is born!” – Laura


“Getting my not so little one to daycare while daddy has the car, 1.5kms is too far to walk for this one!” – Tess



“Babywearing has helped me survive the school holidays with my sanity intact *mostly*. We have been able to do a lot of the local free school holiday activities with Miss 6 months strapped to me 



“I accidentally left my pram in the car that my ex was using for work and had a school run to do that morning on foot! Tandem wearing saved me that day. ” – Tiffany


“I love baby wearing!! It helped us to continue our active lifestyle no matter what size he was 😊” – Alecia


“Contact naps while still being hands-free to meet the needs of my toddler, and get the housework done” – Mel


“Being able to carry my baby, hold my eldest’s hand AND push a shopping trolley!” – Kate


“Hands free to help teach my oldest how to ride his bike with no training wheels!” 


“Get a break!  Hubby is amazing at settling her in the carrier so I get a rest” – Stacey


“Being able to enjoy contact naps, no matter where we are ❤” – Danitah


“Babywearing allows me to eat!  And yes I have mastered eating spagetti without spilling any haha” – Kaitlin


“Being able to sightsee on the go! Life doesn’t stop just because bub needs a sleep!” – Emma


“It makes my life easier!  I don’t have to stress about being home at a certain time as my girl can sleep whenever and wherever” – Sam


“The benefits of babywearing… once you’re done with a wrap, you can make accessories!” – Sarah


“Surviving an oversea’s trip and actually making it enjoyable” – Pippa

“Walking the mountain that is school drop off 🙂 without a sore back or arms!” – Zoe


“Being able to take my big girl to the playground with baby nice and close” – Lyndal




“Walks with family through the gardens” – Karen



“Finding Kangatraining so I can exercise while my baby sleeps” – Kylie


“Exploring the world together and the cuddles!” – Nikea






“Favourite babywearing benefit is being able to meet each child’s needs at the same time” – Hayley



“Life just keeps going on and at 3mo, Henry just tags along” – Michelle 




“Babywearing has meant some pretty amazing adventures! With a bub that’s safe, well rested, and happy ❤️” – Miranda


“The best benefit of bw is the bond I share with my girls  it just makes mom life sweeter!” – Ann


“Walking the dogs is so much easier with a baby carrier, otherwise they get twisted in the pram, there’s lots of crying and it’s no fun for anyone!” – Karen


“Containment….Ha!” – Cady


“Being able to protect my baby in crowds!  She’s a runner so this makes life less stressful” – Isla


“The sleepy-dust! DEFINITELY the sleepy-dust! 😍” – Sheldon


“Being the sleep master!  It was the only way to get my daughter to sleep without boobs” – Sam


“Being able to keep up with my crazy toddler while keeping my baby settled, happy and close to me” – Bec


“Being able to study with my contact napper!  A good back carry and she slept while I could finish my assignments” – Amy


“Being able to give my son his safe space and mummy time while still enjoying my wedding.” – Jo Jo


“Maintaining my lego master status in the house!  I could still build with my eldest while my newborn would sleep peacefully” – Kylie


“I love being able to meet my little ones need for closeness and sleep – whilst being hands free to help my big one 💕 who doesn’t love the snuggles?!” – Sabrina


“Sleepy dust! Grumpy babies can’t resist 😆” – Rebecca





“It allows me to be active. This is my 2yo who fell asleep during kangatraining” – Aliesha





“Favourite babywearing benefit is that I can get things done when bub just wants to sleep on Mumma.” – Jo


“Be able to exploring the world together”






“Being able to do the school run with both hands and a happy baby” – Jaimie






“I love being able to really reconnect with my toddler. I love listening to his little chatter and giggles in my ear. It’s very grounding to just be one person again, it takes me back to when he was a teeny tiny baby 😍” – Sarah


“I love being able to provide the safe place she needs when life of a toddler gets tough !” – Jess



“Being able to keep baby close, happy and being hands free 🙌🏻!” – Thuy




“That I can keep my toddler contained while I get stuff done, and get a workout at the same time. 
It’s also never too late to start. I didn’t start wearing Mr A until he was 3 (after doing kanga with Baby S) and now nearly 5 he still loves getting in the carrier


“Being able to just get on with it. (Feeding while grocery shopping.)” – Samara



What’s your favourite benefit??


If you have any questions about babywearing or baby carriers, please pm me or send an email to

Enjoy those babywearing snuggles,


Certified Babywearing Consultant
Kangatraining Instructor