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  • Individual Babywearing Consultations

Individual Babywearing Consultations

If you prefer one on one support – an individual consult is your best option! Our Babywearing Consults can be held:
✔️ At your home for a small travel fee (Brisbane and surrounds only)
✔️ At my home in Manly West
✔️ Via Zoom or FaceTime

Ongoing Support also includes:

  • A follow up email with all the information that we went through in the consult
  • Lifetime access to instructional video’s on your chosen baby carrier.
  • Email or phone support as long as necessary.


Babywearing for Beginners  2 hours $120
Want to start at the start?  This consult covers everything about babywearing including all the different types of baby carriers (woven wraps, ring sling, meh dai, half buckle, full buckle).  It is the perfect option for beginners.

Babywearing With 90 minutes $110
* Woven Wrap
* Ring Sling
* Meh Dai, Half Buckle and Soft Structured Carriers (Full Buckle)
Full Buckle Only 
60 minutes $85
This is for families that have narrowed down their baby carriers into one of the above categories.  It is an in-depth consult focused on everything to do with that type of baby carrier.  You will be able to see and try different brands as well as different material blends.

Help With My Carrier 60 minutes $85
Do you have a baby carrier but just don’t feel confident or can’t get the right fit?  In this consult, we go through how to fit and use your baby carrier in different carries (depending on your baby carrier).  We will also troubleshoot common issues and give you tips to get the best out of your baby carrier.

Toddler Babywearing 60 minutes $85
Loved babywearing with your baby but finding that they don’t fit their carrier quite as well?  In this consult, you will be able to try and learn to use specific toddler/preschool sized baby carriers to continue your babywearing journey.

Babywearing Check Up 30 minutes $55
This is a great option if you want to try 1-2 baby carriers or learn something new with your current baby carrier eg how to back carry in a soft structured carrier.

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