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  • Kangatraining Brisbane East Frequently Asked Questions

Kangatraining Brisbane East Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about Kangatraining


These are the most frequently asked questions for Kangatraining Brisbane East:

What is Kangatraining?

Kangatraining is a full body workout that is specifically designed for postnatal mums.  By incorporating your baby the whole class (in the warm up and core work plus as extra weight while they are in the baby carrier) it gives you a place that you can get fit, be active and meet some other great mums.

We focus on cardiovascular endurance and flexibility and muscle strength as well as rebuilding and restrengthening your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles which have been affected by pregnancy, birth and life with a baby.  It is a dance based class so once we finish our warm up and floor work, we put our babies in their carrier and do some non-complicated, low impact dances (amazing coordination and rhythm not required).  We also do some endurance leg exercises such as squats, lunges and our infamous repeaters as well as arms and then finish with our stretching and pelvic floor exercises.

What is KangaMix?

KangaMix is our outdoor interval training class that combines walking with arm and leg exercises.  You can either use a pram or baby carrier (or both) and it is a lot more social as you get to chat while you walk!

When Can I Start?

You can start Kangatraining when you are 6 weeks postpartum following a vaginal birth or 12 weeks following a caesarean section AND have been given the all clear from your health professional to start exercising.  While the 12 weeks can seem like a long time, it was determined in collaboration with obstetricians, midwives and physiotherapists to ensure that you have healed both internally as well as externally (considering that a c-section is considered major surgery).

I’m not fit or coordinated, is Kangatraining suitable for me?

Yes!  We cater for all different fitness levels and ensure that all the exercises are postnatal safe. The aim is for you to build up your strength and endurance. All of our dances are low impact and easy to follow (we repeat 4-5 dance steps to fun songs). As there are only so many low impact moves, so once you get used to them they are easy to master! Plus we only change one song per week so you have a chance to learn the routine.

Truthfully we are all friendly, a little sleep deprived and want to have fun! I find it a supportive environment so even if you get things mixed up (which still happens to me), no-one cares and everyone understands

I have a postnatal related or other injury or health concern – can I attend?

If your health professional is happy for you to exercise – yes you can join in!  You fill out a detailed health questionnaire prior to your first class so I can be informed and we have a discussion about your injury or health concerns and modify the class to be suitable for you.

How old does my baby have to be when I start and how long can I do Kangatraining for?

The start dates depend on you (see above) and you can continue wearing your baby for as long is comfortable for you both.  I was wearing my 16kg 3.5year old as we have worn every day since birth and my muscles have developed as she has grown.

If you child is older, there may be a transitioning period for you both while they get used to the class however this totally normal and we all understand!  I also have some tips for older babies as well.

We have a lot of toddlers in class and you can either wear them or they can play to the side of the class.

What carriers are suitable for Kangatraining?

In Kangatraining, we want to achieve comfort for you and your baby and have your baby in an optimal position.  An optimal position is achieved with your child facing inward to you in an upright position, they are tight against you (like a hug), the seat of the carrier goes from their knee to knee without over or under-extending their hips, they have a rounded and supported back and adequate head and neck support.  We want your baby to move with you not externally to you.

Suitable carriers include:
– soft structured carriers (such as Manduca, Ergo, Tulas, Kokadi, Fidella and Emeibaby)
– half buckle carriers (such as Kokadi Tai Tai)
– meh dai carriers
– woven wraps as long as they are done tight enough to adequately support your baby with the moves that we do in Kangatraining

Please note that not all carriers will fit you and your baby and if an optimal position or comfort cannot be achieved, I will discuss this will you and offer alternative baby carriers even if your carrier is part of the suitable carriers list.

Unsuitable Carriers:
– any carrier that doesn’t fit you and your baby
– narrow based carriers
– forward facing carriers
– ring slings
– stretchy wraps
– hip seat carriers

My baby and I are new to babywearing – can we attend?

Yes, we talk about babywearing, carriers and optimal positioning for Kangatraining prior to your first class.  I am also a babywearing consultant and can fit you in your carrier or a suitable one of mine that you can hire.

My Baby Doesn’t like Babywearing!  What can I do?

I also have a lot of tips and can troubleshoot with you if your baby doesn’t realise that they love babywearing!   Sometimes it is because your current carrier is fitted correctly or doesn’t put them in an optimal position.  We can also try a range of carriers to find the perfect one for you and your baby.

I have never met a baby that didn’t love babywearing once we found their carrier and got them used to it!

What do I need to bring?

  • Water
  • Nappy bag
  • Change of clothes or layer your baby
  • Wear comfortable exercise clothes

How do I book in?

Head back to our Kangatraining landing page and complete the form at the end of the page (head HERE).  I will send you an email asap with all the class details.  If you don’t receive anything, make sure you check all your email folders as sometimes the emails end up in spam.  You can always contact me at if required.

How do I pay?

You can pay either via cash or I have eftpos facilities at every class or you can sign up to direct debit.

Do I need to pay for entry at Fun Fit Play?

Your baby’s entry fee is included in your class fee and upon arrival you sign their Kanga Sign In sheet.  If you do have siblings, you will need to pay their fee.

I’m pregnant – can I attend?

Unfortunately Kangatraining is designed for postnatal mums and not for pregnant mums.  Your body goes through significant changes resulting in different exercise requirements that Kangatraining doesn’t take into account and we don’t want to increase your risk of injury!  If you already attend the class it is important to inform your instructor as soon as you find out as you will no longer be able to attend.  I will look forward to you attending once your new baby is born!

Can I tandem two babies?

As wearing two babies places a lot of pressure on your pelvic floor and changes your centre of gravity, you can’t tandem wear in Kangatraining.  If you have twins, you are more than welcome to bring a friend or family member for free to carry any additional babies or I am more than happy to have a babywearing cuddle if I don’t have my three year old.

Can I bring my older children?

Yes, older siblings are more than welcome.  We can set an area up for them to play in and I recommend bring some toys and activities that will keep them entertained.  I do ask that you continue to monitor them and ensure that they don’t become a risk hazard during the class (eg running through the group while we are dancing).  If they would like to join in, I also have doll carriers that they can use.

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