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  • My Love for Kangatraining!

My Love for Kangatraining!

How Kangatraining Changed My Life for the Better


How Kangatraining Changed My Life:

Kangatraining is literally one of those amazing things that changes so many people that come into contact with it!  Whether it is just have an opportunity to get out of the house and legitimately wear yoga pants, to have amazing snuggles with your baby, meet some other mums and have a non-parentese conversation or to be able to work out regularly without having to organise a baby-sitter or leave your baby.  For me Kangatraining, literally changed the direction of mine and my family’s life (and definitely for the better).  From being pregnant and burnt out in my previous job as a mental health social worker to taking an amazing leap of faith and starting my own business it has been an exciting (and nerve wracking) two years!
As I come up to 6 years since I held my first class, these are the parts of Kangatraining that I love the most:


It actually is fun! Honestly I forget that I am running a fitness class and that I am working out, I get to dance and get lovely cuddles from Emily and with my second daughter, Isla.

I have realised that I don’t need to push my body to extremes to be fit and healthy. While I have achieved my weight loss goals (of over 30 kg) for both pregnancies, my focus has been on becoming fit and healthy rather than just the weight loss.  I have grown to love my body for it has done and can do rather that what it looks like.  As I have struggled with dieting and crazy workout regimes in the past, this is a massive step in body confidence and one that I hope to instill in my daughter.

Also by discovering this new perspective about exercise and health, I no longer feel any guilt about what I eat (as you all know about my addiction to Doritos and Kool Mints) but everything is about moderation and taking care of myself not starving or restricting which doesn’t work in the long run, is not fun at all and has a negative impact on your body!


The mums and their beautiful babies that I have been able to meet has been amazing. Developing relationships with them honestly makes this the best job in the world!  I love seeing the mums become friends with each other, watching their babies grow and seeing a mum get stronger every day.

I always get a mental and energy boost even when I am feeling flat or super irritable, after class all my worries and stresses have gone. Getting those endorphins pumping four times a week has definitely helped my mood stay higher than it has ever been in my life!

Kangatraining has also been the perfect opportunity to share the knowledge about postnatal health and exercise (and risks) with other mums. I am passionate about this as no-one talked to me about what was safe and not safe for me to do in terms of exercising in the postnatal period.  Considering I had DRAM (eg ab separation), I was exceptionally lucky to have found Kangatraining when I did rather than return to my previous exercise regime which would have made it worse.

The most important aspect of Kangatraining is that I get to do it with Emily and now with Isla who absolutely loves it (constantly asks if it is a ‘kanga day today mummy’). I love seeing socialise with the other babies, practice all the exercises and dances that we do and that we have this special time together.

I also love hearing what other mums have say about Kangatraining:

“I love that even with two kids, I have the opportunity to get some exercise and bring them along.  It’s so hard to find time and babysitters.  Very thankful of Kangatraining.”

“I love that it’s so much fun that I barely even notice I’m workout up a sweat (a big call for an exercise-hater like me).  Sleepy baby gets cuddles the whole time and I get to chat to other mums!”

“I love that I can workout with my baby and she sleeps the whole class and usually has a good sleep in the arvo which means that I can relax!  Something that’s very rate with her and her big sister keeping me busy! (*relax means pick up toys, clean up breakfast plates, vacuum, put on a load of laundry etc without my toddler undoing my hard work quicker than I can do it)”

“I love that Monday morning Kangatraining class which gets the feel good endorphins flowing (music, exercise and a great community of mums) to set you up for an awesome start to the week”

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