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  • Kangatraining Kids

Kangatraining Kids

Kangatraining Kids Class is a toddler and preschool creative movment class based in Brisbane.

Classes will return from July 2024 in WYNNUM WEST.

Kids is an exciting new program designed to nurture a child’s natural creativity and joy of movement through fun games and activities.  We build upon fundamental skills to encourage a healthy relationship with movement and fitness.  But this isn’t just a kids class – it’s also about you, their caregiver.  You get to bond, play and get a mini workout as well.

Our class goes through our warm up, stretches, action songs and then our first creative movement activity where we combine music, gentle guided and self directed movement with fun props and imaginative play.  From there we transition to our circuit where there are exercises for you that can involve your Tinie as well as a separate activity for them to work on their body awareness, team work skills and motor skills.  After that we need a bit of quiet time where we have another group activity and  then we finish with our reflections and goodbyes.

While we have structure to our class – each section is about developing your child’s skills, creativity and movement where they are at, at that current time!  There is no expectations or right/wrong here and in fact we often include your child’s ideas immediately into the class to build confidence and increase their enjoyment.

The class is suitable for toddlers aged 12-18 months to preschoolers aged 6 years old and runs for approximately 40 minutes.

To join the waitlist, please complete the form below.  I will email you a health questionnaire and relevant information about the class (please check your spam if you don’t receive anything) and you will also receive a text confirmation.