Hug A Bub

We are a proud Australian stockist of Hug-A-Bub baby carriers.

Unlike a ready-made buckle carrier, Hug-a-Bub lightweight wraps securely wrap around your baby’s natural shape and offer hour upon hour of unparalleled comfort, becoming as familiar and comforting to you both as a much-loved, cool and easy-care cotton t-shirt.

This is the key to how Hug-a-Bub garners so much support and how the simplest baby carrier can offer profound long-term benefits for you both.

Hug-a-Bub is safe and suitable for newborns above 3.5kg.  When used with minimal clothing as for skin-to-skin/kangaroo care, Hug-a-Bub allows a mother to let her body behave as nature intended, cleverly adjusting her body’s temperature to regulate her baby’s, rising when the baby is cold, falling when the baby is hot.

Hug-a-Bub is a stretchy wrap.