Kokadi Aqua Baby Carriers

Kokadi incorporate their amazing designs into fantastic aqua baby carriers for water play!
Due to the material composition of 82% polyester, 8% polyamide and 10% elastane our Aqua Olschool Lagoon not only dries especially fast, but also offers you and your baby, an UV protection of 20. Thus you can conquer the beach together, take vastly walks by the sea and enjoy the time by and in the water. However, please, remember that our aqua baby carriers are not for swimming!

Benefits for your baby and yourself:
– Securely hold your baby
– Hands free
– No slipping or sliding out of the hands
– Optimum support of the neck and ergonomic seat
– Suitable for newborns (please check water temperature and additives in the water. This product is not a flotation device)
– Quickly put on and remove
– Quick drying

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