Kokadi WrapTai (Meh Dai)

Kokadi’s Meh Dai (WrapTai) Baby Size is perfect from newborn to toddler with it’s easy adjustable seat to ensure that it fits your baby and allows your baby to be in an optimal position.  Being a Meh Dai baby carrier, it has tie off shoulder and waist straps made from Kokadi’s beautiful and soft woven wrap fabric.  Meh Dai’s are a great option for multiple wearers and a wide range of body types as there is no adjusting between people, just tie it off securely and you are good to go.  There is no need for an infant insert which makes it easier to use due to the adjustments possible and more comfortable for you and your baby.

Kokadi’s Meh Dai (WrapTai) can be worn on your front, hip or back and the shoulder straps can be tied off under baby’s legs (to reduce pressure on their spine) or over their legs to provide additional support and to extend the seat.

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