Maternity Clothes

Our bodies go through some amazing changes when we are pregnant and in the postnatal period and it can be hard to find clothes that are stylish as well as functional! We have three amazing maternity wear brands (and hopefully more to come).

Cadenshae Activewear is suitable for both pregnancy and the postnatal period. With easy breastfeeding access, it allows you to be stylish when active or anytime! From bras, tanks, tees to leggings and amazing hoodies there is something for everyone and every season.

Enji Maternity Wear are stylish and comfortable leggings that are supportive in pregnancy and the postnatal time. With a high waist, you can choose to have extra support or fold it down.

Petit Bamboo Women’s Pyjama’s are the perfect option for sleeping in the postnatal period and to match your latest bundle of joy! While they don’t have specific breastfeeding access, they can easily be used to breastfeed in.