Soul AnoonA

Soul’s full buckle carrier AnoonA is an amazing design that can be used from newborn to toddler and beyond. With 5 different ways to wear the AnoonA (newborn, front, back, hip and forward facing), this is the baby carrier that can do it all. This dual-colour AnoonA buckle carrier has an outer panel made from airy Stone linen fabric, and base and straps made from thicker Starling linen wrap fabric.

Features of the AnoonA Linen include:
– Made for Summer in either cotton or linen. Linen is an amazing material that is wicks moisture away from your baby and has high air permeability which means that air can flow through the fabric and allows the body to breathe making it perfect for hot climates.
– multiple adjustments of the seat to get the perfect fit for your baby including pull straps to cinch the seat on the back panel as well as 3 clip options for the seat in the waist belt.
– for newborns and smaller babies, you can adjust height of the back panel by pulling down on the shoulder straps
– padding in the back panel for neck support for your baby
– shoulder straps that can be crossed
– made from woven wrap material so it is soft and molds to your baby
– pocket on the waist band
– removable hood for ease of cleaning

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