DIDYMOS Woven Wrap – Ellipses Black Ecru

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Didymos Woven Wrap – Ellipses Black Ecru

The Ellipses Black Ecru woven wrap is made of Ellipses pattern with natural white Ellipses on black background on one side and black Ellipses on natural white on the other side.

Didymos woven wrap is a specially designed piece of woven fabric that is adjustable to every wearer and their baby.  It allows for optimal positioning and you can wear your baby in a front, hip or back carry depending on your wrapping skill.  They are easy to break in and often feel soft straight out of the box.

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Jacquard weave: the patterns are WOVEN into the fabric and not printed on it. The patterns are the same on both sides, the colours are reversed.  The fabric is particularly tear-proof and have optimal diagonal stretch.

Material: 100% organic cotton

Surface weight: 210 g/m²

If you are unsure about what size to get, please refer to the Didymos Size Guide below (sourced from


Additional information


Size 4 (3.7m), Size 5 (4.2m), Size 6 (4.7m), Size 7 (5.2)


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