Kanga Training DVD


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The Kangatraining DVD allows you to complete a Kangatraining workout in your own home with your baby.  Kangatraining is a safe and effective postnatal workout where you also include your baby in the workout, predominately while they are in a baby carrier!  This babywearing component allows you to exercise while your baby is happy and often sleepy in your carrier.  Make sure that you watch the foreword by the midwife and babywearing consultant to ensure that you are starting to use the Kangatraining DVD once you have allowed adequate recovery time (6 weeks postpartum for a vaginal birth or 12 weeks for a caeasaran section) and you have your baby in a safe and suitable carrier (baby facing into you and the carrier is a soft structured carrier, mei tai, half buckle or woven wrap).

The Kangatraining DVD includes:

– Foreword by a midwife and babywearing consultant

– Kangatraining Workout (60 minutes, 3 levels, 3 intervals)

– KangaBurn (30 mins)

– KangaTV (20 mins)


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