YARO Flex – Half Buckle Shoulder Straps

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Yaro’s baby carrier FLEX is a versatile, innovative and brilliant design that allows you to build your own perfect baby carrier! Mix and match the back panel (in both size and designs),  choose the type of straps you want and add any extra’s if you want a change or to perfectly fit anyone else that might also be wearing.

Order the shoulder straps as an extra to your Flex Set or as part of your complete baby carrier.

Half Buckle Shoulder Straps are straps that you tie off and are great for all wearers as there is no adjustments just tightening and they are easier to reach than buckle straps.

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Follow these steps to order your Yaro Flex modular carrier: 
1. Order Hip Belt – one size for all.
2. Choose either Half Buckle shoulder straps or (and) Full Buckle shoulder straps. Full buckle shoulder straps come in sizes S, M, L.
3. Choose Baby or (and) Toddler back panel.  

Yaro Flex Instructions

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