YARO Woven Wrap – Triggers Ultra Black White Bamboo




Yaro Triggers Ultra Black White Bamboo is an amazing woven wrap! With a classic design of squares in different shades gray due to the combined white and black threads and white along lines of black on a white background.  It is woven in Yaro’s ultra weave, which allows different shades into one wrap.  This wrap is heavier in hand, but not too thick for a newborn baby. It is very easy to wrap with and is machine washable for ease of use.

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Material: 70% cotton 30% bamboo
Weight: 340 gr/m2 post wash
Colours: Black, White, Gray

Yaro’s woven wrap is a specially designed piece of woven fabric that is adjustable to every wearer and their baby.  It allows for optimal positioning and you can wear your baby in a front, hip or back carry depending on your wrapping skill.  It is a lighter-weight wrap suitable for baby’s and toddlers (may require multiple passes) and experience levels especially beginners. Works well in both single layered and multiple layered carries. For all your indoor and outdoor activities, all year round.

Yaro woven wraps are beautiful and affordable baby carrier options. Made and produced within the European Union out of a range of woven materials including cotton, hemp, linen and reprieve to name a few.  Yaro wraps are even more beautiful in real life with a range of colours and designs there is one for every family.   They are made to be gorgeous, affordable and of a high quality. Yaro Slings were created by a group of babywearing consultants who wanted to make babywearing affordable for more families.

If you are looking for a woven wrap that won’t break your budget, Yaro is an amazing option!  Please note that Yaro woven wraps do not come with instructions, if you are looking to learn how to wrap please book a babywearing consultation or Wrap You in Love YouTube channel.

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Size 4 (3.6m), Size 5 (4.2m), Size 6 (4.6m), Size 7 (5.2m)


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