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  • Testimonials



“Sophie & I love our Kanga training classes every week. it’s been the best year of my life finding Kylie’s classes and having an activity that Sophie & I can do together, keep strong & fit and spend time with an beautiful friendly supportive mums. Kylie, don’t ever stop – we love you !!!” Sarah, mum to Sophie

“Highly recommend these classes. Kylie is a great trainer with a real passion for what she does. Enjoyed being close to my (clingy) little one whilst enjoying sunshine, music and the funky moves.” Louise, mum to Joshua

“The best part in my motherhood life was to join to amazing Kangatraining classes. We really enjoy spending time together with my little one.The teacher is awesome. She is very positive and energetic person. Thanks Kylie a lot. You add in our life so much fun…” Lyuda, mum to Gleb

“Awesome class! It’s so much fun and Kylie is an amazing trainer. Lukas and I love it” Sara, mum to Lukas


“Tried out my first lesson yesterday. It was a really great way to get out and get active with bub. Lots of fun and Kylie has a lot of carriers to try out.” Chloe, mum to Emmett


“The best thing I have done for my baby and I. Improved my mental well-being and the bond with my baby whilst helping with a baby who just didn’t like to sleep laying down (and liked to be in my company all.the.time). The close bond I have with my daughter now (including continued babywearing now at almost 2 years old) is very very special and in part I credit the classes for allowing me to get a “break”, share some time with some other mums and children, and do some physical activity without the added (unnecessary) stress of child minding or separation. Kylie is a wonderful instructor and a terrific person. I have recommended her classes to many and would not hesitate to attend her classes if I had a second baby in the future. If you are looking for some social engagement after having a baby, but the thought of a mum-group coffee session brings you out in hives, this may offer the gentle social exposure you are after (with the added bonus of some exercise and lovely bonding time with your baby).” Linda, mum to Emily


“Thank you Kylie for amazing customer service. You went above and beyond helping me and I am truly grateful! highly recommend you’re store and will be telling everyone I know to shop with you when they are looking for their new baby carrier Kylie


“Thank you Kylie for you great customer service! Our wrap arrived so fast and I look forward to breaking it in Cate